YQ Test

YQ Test

Well which one is it? YAY or NAY (Yes A YOG or Not A Yog)?

Take this YQ Test (YOGness Quotient Test) to find out just how YOGish you are.

Remember though, unless you are 35 years old and above, your results do not officially count. But by all means, go ahead and see where you stand as you prepare for YOGhood…

Choose the answers which MOST apply to you.

1. Your usual fitness regime looks something like:


2. What is a typical lunch time meal when you’re running short on time?


3. You suddenly feel compelled to give back to the community. So you…


4.  It’s Sunday and you wake up with a killer hangover from the night before. So you…*

*If you don’t drink, just substitute ‘hangover’ for ‘man flu’…


5. You receive a nice Christmas bonus from work and haven’t upgraded the wardrobe for a while, and you…


6. You’re single, and you notice an attractive girl across the bar. What now?


7. It’s time for a new car, what type will you choose?


8. You’re at a concert, and the girl you’re with protests after a guy grabs her on the butt. What do you do?


9. You notice some gray hairs have begun to take your head hostage. Your plan of action?


10. You have a week of paid vacation coming up. You decide to…