YOG’s legs

YOG’s legs

Have you noticed that the equipment in your gym for training legs is quite often free to use? Meanwhile, the bench presses and dumbbell rack in front of the mirror is like a metal concert mosh pit…

Well YOGs don’t skip legs day.  And there’s no need to dread working on the lower body either. A typical body building routine involves building and ‘sculpting’ the legs using machines and squat racks.

However, in the following short video, I show you how you can work the legs in a more functional way, engaging important core muscles, through power and balance based exercises. This will help all you YOGs dominate your every day work and recreational activities, rather than just trying to look buff in a pair of shorts (which it will).

Including exercises with a Bosu ball will challenge our balance and keep things interesting, which heightens our motivation. The addition of plyometrics works the stretch-shortening cycle and trains us for activities and sports which require speed, power and agility.

Feel free to comment with any questions or need more details about the workout. Enjoy!




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