YOG Talks Partners Up With Conscious City Guide

YOG Talks Partners Up With Conscious City Guide

With the second edition of YOG Talks officially set for April 26th, what has also become official is the new partnership with online ticket sale and promotional platform Conscious City Guide.

Not only will the conscious, do gooding peeps of Los Angeles be able to buy YOG Talks tickets through CCG, but the YOG movement will have a wonderful opportunity to grow and gain momentum through exposure to the already large community of conscious event seekers across the US who visit the CCG, co-created by fellow Aussie Mel Nahas.

You can get your tickets for YOG Talks #2 now online, and check out The Conscious City Guide's other upcoming events while you're at it. You'l enjoy the clean, eye-pleasing design of the site, not to mention awareness of the hundreds of inspiring events happening in the city at any given time.

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