YOG Talks No. 4 Attendees Can Now Rest Easy

YOG Talks No. 4 Attendees Can Now Rest Easy

The lucky attendees of YOG Talks No.4 held on Wednesday night July 18th are still talking about the value created by the guest speakers.

It was wonderful to hear from Venice YOG Couple Nicole Landers and Mike Shibel speak about what they are creating in the community. Nicole runs a fantastic organization called the Community Healing Gardens that provides plantar boxes around the local area where people can plant vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices. This is then often harvested to feed the needy and homeless people in the area.

Mike Schibel was up next to explain his concept of hosting inspirational events Called Travel Talk, which features guest speakers sharing their experiences of World travel, emphasizing why traveling is so important to have in our lives, how it connects us to others, and what really matters on this planet.

For the main event, biohacker, author and health expert Wendi Michelle was joined on stage by Dr. Michael Breus, a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor for an hour and change of mind-expanding golden nuggets of info related to the science behind effective rest and recovery for improved performance and quality of life.

The respective knowledge of each guest perfectly complimented one another as they dove tailed their responses, especially those directed at the questions provided by the audience during the standard Q & A segment of the discussion.

And of course at the conclusion of the panel discussion, my favorite segment of the night got underway and that is the raffle prize draw. As usual, we started with drawing the prizes donated by the hosts, sponsors, and speakers, and then the floor was opened to the audience providing them an opportunity to contribute a product or service while promoting themselves in the process. There is never a shortage of people in the room willing to give, in fact, once again I had to limit the number of prizes so it didn't go on all night! 

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