YOG Talks 3 – Oh What A Night!

YOG Talks 3 – Oh What A Night!

There were plenty of bums on seats yet again for the third edition of the wildly popular YOG Talks last Thursday, 31st May.

There was art on show and the vino did flow as good people gathered to connect, inspire and be inspired in the creative container of Fabric Studios in Venice.

The crowd of conscious Yoggers were treated to the dulcet tones of Runson Willis as they entered and mingled while treating themselves to a boozy beverage or a GT’s Kombucha

Speaking of GTs, they are running a promotion in conjunction with the seasonal release of their latest flavor “Bloom”. Take a selfie of you drinking any GTs flavor, hashtag it #infullbloom and GTs will donate $5 to the Born This Way Foundation. Why not take 3 minutes out of your day right now and do your part to make a difference today?!

Once the crowd took their seats, they were presented with Super YOG Brad Kohn, a musician, entrepreneur and do-gooder who explained how he was using blockchain to make a philanthropic impact in the world using his platform givv.io.

Following Brad’s extremely intellectual and inspiring talk, the mic was handed over to the evening’s panel speakers – Adam Gilad and Dr. Wendy Walsh. Between them they had more degrees and qualifications in psychology and media from the brainiest institutions than one could poke a Professor’s pointer at. The knowledge and experience of these two was nothing short of mind blowing, and they had the audience engaged from start to finish.

The topic of the #metoo movement was particularly provocative and enlightening, guided by Wendy Walsh’s involvement as one of the original ‘silence breakers’, for which she was voted one of Time magazine’s ‘persons of the year’ in 2017. It was extremely valuable to open the discussion about how both men and women feel about their place in the evolving landscape of relationships and gender equality.

Once again the feedback was overwhelmingly positive regarding the value received by attendees at YOG Talks #3, with plenty of learning lessons to take into making YOG Talks #4 even bigger and better than its precursors.

Stay tuned for details and be prepared to clear your calendars as soon as dates are released!

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