YOG Talks #2 Speakers Ready To Melt Minds!

YOG Talks #2 Speakers Ready To Melt Minds!

With YOG Talks #2 only a couple of sleeps away, I thought it was appropriate to whet your appetites by introducing the Guest Speakers for the evening.

The main theme for the panel discussion will be The Challenges and Rewards Of Living Authentically, and these two speakers are the perfect spokespeople for this topic. While YOG Talks #1 was a huge success due to the amazing speakers on stage, having five of them meant that we merely scratched the surface and rarely had the opportunity to get to the meat of a lot of the issues discussed.

So this time, we have two speakers with the sole purpose of going deep and getting real.


A former executive at Showtime Networks Inc., Mark Shapiro left the safety of his 12 year career and 6 figure income to live a more fulfilling life and be a positive interruption to the status quo. Through his acclaimed authenticity themed podcast – The One & Only, provocative website – AreYouBeingReal.com, innovative leadership community – Winning Weeks, and TEDx Talk – Want More Love? The Art of Authentic Connection in a Digital World, Mark lovingly challenges people to be real with themselves & others and is re-inventing the way we support & connect with each other – igniting people to stand for what they believe in to live happier, healthier & more connected lives.

In just over 2 years, Mark’s work has touched the lives of over 150,000 people; he has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, entrepreneurs & artists on The One & Only Podcast (#7 on iTunes in Spirituality; April ’17), grown the Winning Weeks leadership community to hundreds of members, and has conducted cutting-edge social experiments that have earned him the opportunity to speak internationally & share his message with the world. Mark is leading the way with authenticity, integrity & vulnerability, and when he isn’t working, he spends his time playing, dancing, crying & being a vocal Alzheimer’s advocate.


Lauren is a NYC-based life coach and yoga instructor who works to align her students not only in their bodies, but in their minds and hearts. After many years in corporate finance, Lauren transitioned into a career in wellness nearly 7 years ago. She believes a good teacher is always a better student, and is constantly seeking more knowledge to share with her community. Lauren is primarily a vinyasa teacher, but has experience and education in Ashtanga, meditation, and trauma-sensitive yoga. She also earned a Masters degree in social work, and has thousands of hours working as a therapist. She aims to deliver a grounding, inspiring and fun mind-body experience in all of her classes with the intention to help her students uncover their deepest desires so that they can actualize them. Lauren believes that an unexamined life is often an inauthentic one, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can be uniquely happy and fulfilled now. 

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