YOG Talks #2 Makes A Big Impression

YOG Talks #2 Makes A Big Impression

On Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 7:00pm, the YOG community grew. Some familiar faces returned from the first ever YOG Talks back in February, but the majority of the 60+ crowd were new comers, and they were not disappointed.

This second coming of YOG Talks was held in a new cool, larger, creative venue which also houses an office space for the gang of Fabric Studios in Venice. The surroundings had a very creative, collaborative feel, which is exactly what we did - create and collaborate.

The proceedings kicked off with an explanation of the YOG concept and its origin. A special shout out to the sponsors of the evening were also in order,  with GT's Kombucha and The Instead Company receiving some much deserved love.

There was a new format to the Talks also, kicking off with a showcase of three YOGs who are creating magic in the World. Event photographer Ken Dapper took the stage first to explain his story and style of work with the aid of a slideshow of some of his beautiful landscapes and portraits. 

Then the talented, outwardly focused surgeon Justin Gillenwater wowed the crowd with his amazing work sharing his talents and knowledge Globally with Operation Smile and now I.G.O.T.

We were then blessed to have YOG Talks #1 guest speaker Sebastian Terry return to inform and inspire us with what he is up to next. Sebastian is taking his brand 100 things to new heights with a series of helping projects both locally and worldwide.

Photo: Ken Dapper Photography

Now that three influential YOGs had set the tone nicely, it was time to introduce guest speakers for a panel discussion, Mark Shapiro and Lauren Taus. The central theme for the discussion was The challenges and rewards of living authentically. Mark, founder of the brand Are You Being Real which is the vehicle for his podcast, spoke into the topic of authenticity perfectly. We also delved into his transition from being an entertainment executive to now living out his dreams of inspiring others through his coaching service and podcast.

Former hedge fund manager turned Yoga teacher and Influencer Lauren Taus was next on the hot seat, as we continued to explore the issues around transition, particularly dealing with death in order to live a fulfilling life. Lauren is about as authentic as they come, melting the audience and creating a strong connection through her willingness to share her life and ideals vulnerably.

At the conclusion of the panel discussion, it was time for the raffle to be drawn. Each attendee was invited to submit their name into the hat for a chance to win some amazing prizes including a coaching session with YOG Talks #1 guest speaker and relationship coach Ozzie Osborne and her partner Sal Mariano. There was also a YOG Talks T-shirt up for grabs and a case of Kombucha kindly donated by our sponsor for the evening - GT's.

One of the main highlights of the night unfolded after the winners of these prizes were called forth. The audience was then invited to donate a prize to the raffle for the remaining names in the draw. Once the first person stood up to donate a product or service as prize, a domino effect was created with at least 8 more people in the audience offering their contribution. It was an opportunity for people to introduce themselves, promote the value they are creating, and give generously to the YOG community.

So it is safe to say that YOG Talks #2 was a huge success, achieving the intended objective of building a supportive community, while creating value through inspiration, education, and of course, enjoyment.

Stay tuned for YOG Talks #3 set to happen at the end of this month!

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