The Summer Of No Regrets

The Summer Of No Regrets

“Life is short”. “Carpe Diem”. “Live Your Dreams” etcetera. Whether posted on a billboard or tattooed in script on a college girl’s foot, there is no shortage of cheesy inspirational mottos out there reminding us how to live our lives.

And yet while cheesy and clichéd they may be, they still provide a positive trigger which can momentarily help drag us out of the doldrums and into a more positive mindset.

carpe diem on foot

However, most feel-good mantras tend to be rather generic, only focusing on the bigger picture. Therefore it’s easy to stray away from the daily habit of “living life to the fullest”.

So just like any long term goal, it’s important to set some short term goals to bring you closer to achieving that dream, that vision or just simply that ideal way of life.

So we YOGs have decided on a short term goal to cover the summer period of 2014. Last Summer our motto was “Best Summer Ever”!

This year, we declare these next summer months as “The Summer Of No Regrets”.

This will serve as a reminder to neither hesitate, nor procrastinate. To speak to that girl in the grocery store, rather than admire her from a distance and let the opportunity pass by.

To book that weekend trip away even though money seems tight and work is overwhelming.

To call our close family and friends more often, even if it’s just to check in.

To see more concerts, to surf more, to try a different restaurant at least once every week. To pitch that business idea to an investor.

We invite you to do the same. Live these next few months as “The Summer of No Regrets”. Write it on your whiteboard. Stick it on your fridge. Verbalize it. Hashtag it.


The more you can apply this to your day to day circumstances, the less you’ll feel like you didn’t make the most of the Summer as it fades away into the Fall…

After all, the day you’re having is the life you’re living.

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