The Power Of Now

The Power Of Now

This International best seller by Eckart Tolle was somewhat of a savior of mine. Shortly after my career ending injury, my 2 ½ year relationship also broke down and I had also rented out my house and needed to figure out short term accommodation as I was planning on moving abroad to start fresh. It was always a tendency of mine to over analyze situations, with fear of making wrong decisions which could adversely affect my future, while also dwelling on unfavorable past events.

Having now found myself losing my career, my relationship, and my home, these tendencies were exaggerated and kicked into overdrive, fearing whether the decisions I had made or the decisions I needed to make were the right ones.

That’s when a concerned friend gave me the book “The Power Of Now” to read immediately, despite only being halfway through it himself.

Power of Now

Put simply, this book started me on the right path to being able to focus on the present moment, and to quit over-analyzing or worrying about the past or the future. As Eckart Tolle points out, the future doesn’t exist and neither does the past, and therefore worrying about them denies you the ability to enjoy the only thing which is real…the present, or the NOW.

The practice of being present is crucial when attempting to “live life to the fullest”, which is one of the main pre-requisites of being a YOG.

Tolle continues to talk about how our own minds and in particular our ego can be extremely destructive. He points out that our mind is a tool which is necessary to complete certain tasks, then should be laid to rest. Instead, our mind commonly leaks vital energy beyond its purpose. He suggests we actually become slaves to our minds, and if we can eliminate the “noise” which is created in our minds, we can achieve an intelligence beyond this noise and awaken a focus on the aspects of life which really matter, ie. Beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace.

So if the voice in your head is constantly talking to you about the past, or making you worry about the future, you need to read the Power Of Now…right NOW!



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