Saving Lives Through Facial Hair

Saving Lives Through Facial Hair

I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer. I was 18 years old at the time. When you’re 18 you believe you’ll live forever. Common worries of a healthy 18 year old include passing a driver’s license test,who they’re taking to the prom and which college they’ll get into. Being diagnosed with cancer is generally not on the list.

Seeing how much physical and emotional pain my Gramps suffered during his final weeks have forever haunted me. And now that I am well beyond my teenage years, my “it will never happen to me attitude” is increasingly waning, especially after learning that 5 -10% of prostate cancer diagnoses are hereditary.

So in an effort to keep the big “C” at bay, I do my utmost to choose sound lifestyle habits, fueled by a career in Health and Fitness, and also do my part to promote and contribute to organizations that are leading the way in funding research and practices for the treatment of prostate cancer.

One such organization at the top of my list is The Movember Foundation.

What started as a fun idea to bring the moustache back into fashion and raise money doing so by two mates (Travis Garone and Luke Slattery) in Australia, has now turned into a global phenomenon raising USD $710 million and funding 1,200 men’s health projects since it’s humble beginnings.


A constant concern of mine with charities is whether the donation money actually reaches its intended area of need. The great thing about the Movember Foundation is that they address these and similar concerns of its donors and claim to have ultimate control over the funding of the projects they invest in.

I urge you to play your part this Movember. If you are follicularly challenged of the upper lip, then participate in one of the many great Movember events on the calendar for the rest of the month or even host your own event.


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, look no further than the event I’m hosting through my company Rugby Method, which involves an outdoor bootcamp style group fitness session, followed by a tackle bag challenge for a chance to win some great prizes, while getting some aggression out and reversing the regret of eating/drinking so much over Thanksgiving.

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