2,029 thoughts on “New Years resolutions every YOG should make”

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    1. Ma avete perso il senso della reclnà?Comutiaato ufficiale per cosa?Il non-comunicato di Prometeon?Rossi che sul suo blog dice di stare collaborando con siemens?Mah

    2. Mr. Coe, my son had seizures as a newborn before he had any vaccines, and about a bit over a year later more seizures while suffering from a now vaccine preventable disease. He is also disabled. Vaccines are not the only cause of seizures, and actually a very minor cause of seizures.Have you yet figured out why ?

    3. What does being Australian mean to me Being an aussie means skipping the political and bureaucratic crap and not hiding under some committee’s protective canopy but getting down to the tin tacks of getting things done! It also means not dancing around with fancy words and phrases but calling a spade a spade and moving on, It also means that if you can’t do the first two your probably not much of an aussie, sorry!!

    4. #27 – I’d seen the same re: rate futures a few days ago. Starting to see some movement of USD falling against foreign currency. I’m not sure if this is due to anticipation of the cut or some other exogenous factor.#32 – It looks like it. They’re too scared of the impending WM collapse and have to prep for that. Does the FDIC have enough employees to cover all 2400 WM branches?

    5. hayır ilaydacım önereceğim birşey yok.çünkü bu hastalık öyle bişey ki hiç birşey tanımıyor kendimce.sevdiklerimle bir arada olsam hüzünleniyorum,yalnız kalsam korkuyorum,birisi güzel bir söz söylese acaba bişeymi olacak diye düşünüp korkuyorum,ağlıyorum.doktora gittim ilaç verdi midemi mahvetmekten başka bişey olmadı bana belki sana yararı olur yinede bir doktora git.güldüğüm zaman bile korkuyorum çünkü bu gülücüklerim ağlamakla biter diye korkuyorum.

    6. the line 'correlation does not prove causation' as an argument almost always invariably precedes 'but instead here is a correlation to explain the pheneomeon under discussion which is more agreeable to my sensibilities that i will state is the real cause'take for example race and crime, race and intelligence, IQ and social class, etc.

    7. arkadaşlar hepimize geçmiş olsun bende bu hastalık 3 ay once başladı ve ılk nobetımde kelim-i şahadet bıle getirdim çok kotu olmuştum tabı sonu acılde bıttı tansıyonum 18 11 çıktı yanı benım demem o ki hastalık panik atak olabılır ama çozumu panik yapmamak sonraları krızlerı 5 dakadan kısa surede atmayı başardım bılıyorum gene gelecek ama kazanan gene ben olucam herkezlere geçmiş olsun korkmayın kımse bu hastalıktan olmucek

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    9. Frajayo Ayer hice una prueba con el coche, lo saqué al atardecer, por los alrededores de mi casa y por un centro comercial, te puedo asegurar que veía de maravilla, de noche que antes me brillaban todas las farolas ahora las veo nítidas, el salpicadero del coche que me la veía y deseaba para ver ciertas indicaciones, ahora lo veo con una claridad pasmosa.El nacimiento tiene fama en Zaragoza, pero creo que es el mas grande de España, las figuras prácticamente son del tamaño real.

    10. By November 17, 2012 – 2:49 amexceptional manual…Exceptionally interesting details! Perfect just the precise single thing After i were shopping meant regarding! “The medium would function as the message. inches thickness by way of Marshall McLuhan….

    11. From MarketWatch:Resales of U.S. single-family homes and condos rose 3.1% in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.0 million, the National Association of Realtors reported Monday. Resales have sunk 13.2% in the past year. The gain was stronger than expected. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected sales to rise to 4.91 million. Despite the increase in sales, the inventory of unsold homes on the market rose 3.9% to 4.67 million, an 11.2 month supply at the current sales pace. The median sales prices fell 7.1% in the past year to $212,400.

    12. Напиши коментар Можете да използвате тези HTML етикети и атрибути: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

    13. Of course, Floyd forgot to mention that most of the fans think he's an asshole, and rightfully so. "At least I don't think he is. I think he is Mexican"There are white Mexicans Field. They are Spanish Castilians. Vincente Fox is an example of the aforementioned. Just turn on Telemundo sometime and you'll see allot of white Mexicans.

    14. How many straight teenagers are having reckless sex? How many college students are drinking to excess? The fact is that there is a subculture of stupid behavior that has nothing to do with sexuality. And in the great US of A, gay people are still not equal.FehIT

    15. …melting lead on the pyre of a burning civilization, our shock troops of conservatism will fire back with lovingly hand-loaded rounds. Maybe paper-patching will come back in; imagine using junk fiat money issued by the Bank of the New World Order to fit our cast boolits to the chambers of our trusty rifles!

    16. a un problema que estos días parece abrumarnos. Me refiero naturalmente a la decisión de lo que cada comunidad autónoma debe recibir a modo de financiación. Si estuviéramos en una confederación cada una debería recibir la media de lo que aporta a las

    17. On est à l’âge de la gratification instantanée…Ca s’fait pu de nos jours prendre 2-3 mois pour connaitre qqun…Si t’as pas baisé avec ta future en dedans de 2 semaines t’es out….KESSÉ CA CIBOIRE …qu’on s,étonne pas que les relations ne durent pas si on connait pas les gens avec qui on s’embarque…Pis c’est pas en 4 rencontres de 3 heures que tu peux dire que tu connais quelqu’un…

    18. 男同性戀者比較容易感染,就算不計肛交,濫交也是個重要的因素。相比兩性而言,男性會較傾向(當然不是一定)有較多性伴侶。演化中的壓力應該是讓男性重量多於質,而女性重質多於量。所以在社會中配對起來,雖然男女都會濫交,但性伴侶數字應該大體會是「ç”·ç”·」>「男女」>「女女」。男同性戀者的性伴侶比異性戀者多,是正常傾向。當然,就算「女同性戀者比異性戀者更堅貞」是真的(我沒數據),明光社也不會提的。

    19. “ya ada machine credit card” …Today when we arrive there the lady at the cash register said that only can use card after 3pm….by the time we finish eating it was 4.30pm when i asked for the bill and gave my card the waiter said “no card only cash” told him that the lady said can. “he said no card” To the management, you have a nice place but please get people who can speak and understand at the least Bahasa Malaysia….that was a very embarrassing moment…Thank God I had enough cash to pay…..by the way the food is too salty…..

    20. UMMMMMMMMMMMM , nas redes sociais a visão sobre Lula é outra ministro.Não é isso que o senhor acha não ministro …………Sugiro que o senhor visite as redes sociais, blogs, twiter e fecebooks e veja o que milhares de pessoas falam de Lula.Em relação a sua opinião, para o Povo, é Muiiiiiito pelo contrário, para o povo ele(Lula) é a peça principal de + essa podridão .Resumindo: Para o povão, a Moral de Lula foi pro ralo !

    21. كويتيه قال:Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/meflyn/public_html/wp-content/plugins/world-flags/includes/functions.php on line 53 and defined in /home/meflyn/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990 الرجاء ارسال العروض الي بريدي الالكتروني

    22. AMERICA…………………….FUCK YEAHJan Brewer better sleep with one eye open……..just sayingBut yes, I prefer these types of operations then a big freaking war.A man with no military experience, a community organizer is showing you how to conduct combat, and its killing them.He took all their strengths, and not only applied them, but improved on them drastically in scale to any other Republican.They got nothing

    23. If I were playing hide-and-go-seek,I would hide in my wardrobe.There are many clothes in it and I can bury myself in it albeit it is a little hot.When I was a little girl, I always hide myself in it when feeling melancholy.It was thaks to my sister that she knows me very well so I could unburden myself to her.And this memory is one of the best parts of my childhood.

    24. a fantastic place for research Well, except for the cigarette smoke.Unless you can find a non-smoking casino or a non-smoking strip-club.But the few times I ever went into a casino, I was overwhelmed by the sense of hopelessness and despair all around me.There really is no honor in hi-IQ folks [Wynn, Adelson] stealing money, in games of "chance" [], from low-IQ folks.In fact, it's difficult to imagine a more ignoble line of work.

    25. Boyfriend and Dungarees – Wider leg trousers are perfectly suited to the apple / pear shape / plus size. Quite a casual look, these styles are great for skimming lumps and bumps, enhancing your bottom! Note, they should appear baggy and may cling to bigger thighs!

    26. “…“Oh word? It’s like THAT? Y’all wanna hate on me cause y’all two left-footed niggas can’t dance?…”=============================================================I am rolling over here. This cat Phonte is hilarious.

    27. Jun08Patricia Rauscher I do believe that these photographs are some of the BEST I have ever seen.Not just because its my daughter and her new husband, these are just the best!!!!!!! We want to congratulate you both on an excellent job…I can’t wait to see the rest of the photographs….Thank You

    28. Xbox 360 leading by 54% of the vote? Jesus, this place is worse than ever.There is literally ZERO difference between the screens. Something that was always going to be the case with MS able to tell EA/DICE to stick the game if it didn’t match up to the other console version.Tie, every day of the week.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 7 votes)

    29. belieberanna98 I love justin ♥♥♥ scrive:ciao alice io avevo lo stesso problema !!!!! un giornoa scuola dovevamo fare una lettera a un personaggio famoso e io l’ho scritta a justin nella letera ho preso nove perchè si sentiva k veniva DAL CUORE !!!!!! un giorno mia mamma l’ha letta e mi ha chiesto chi era questo justin io gliel’ho spiegato poi mia mamma ha anke voluto ascoltare una sua canzonone e ha detto k è un bravissimo cantante !!!!!!!! cmq ora nn mi vergogno più!!!!! ciao e spero di esserti stata d’aiuto !!!!!!!!!JUSTIN SEI SEMPRE NEI NOSTRI CUORI !!!!!!!!!!

    30. Nene, iPhone kommt nicht in Frage! Zu wenig Ausstattung für den Preis und die Verbindung mit einem Vertrag bei T-Mobile kommt schon garnicht in Frage! Also muss ich mich mal umhören, wie sich das HD so schlägt!Viel Spaß noch mit dem HD…

    31. Eu deseneam cu spirt pe pereti pe mama, tata, fata cu flori in mana si baieti cu par tepos. Desene care durau mult, dar ai mei tot nu puneau tapet.M-am resemnat oricum ca nu o sa am niciodata casa cu tapet, mai ales tapet in dungi, preferatul meu. Asa ca tu ar trebui sa te consideri norocos. Am avut si eu cos din ala, dar l-a stricat pisicul 🙁

    32. Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and excellent design.

    33. Dybt inspireret af dine fine skÃ¥le, har jeg nu købt et lille lager til div gaver:-) Jeg sidder nu med limlak, saks og papir og bliver lidt i tvivl om arbejdsgangen – bruger du en pensel, en rulle eller andet nÃ¥r lakken puttes pÃ¥ til sidst? jeg synes nemlig man kan se penselstøjene med den teknik jeg har forsøgt mig med, og tænker det mÃ¥ kunne gøres flottere…Mon du vil dele lidt mere af din erfaring:-)

    34. Jag tror mycket sitter i huvudet och att man faktiskt kan tänka sig frisk. Det här med att gå till läkaren är inget kul men jag har lärt mig att hantera det bättre och jag försöker fokusera på hur jag mår och inte på vad som står i mina papper.

    35. Cám Æ¡n chị. Bây giờ chị là nữa vòng trái đất xa DC rùi. Dù xa vời nhÆ°ng em vẫn nghỉ là thủ đô vẫn mãi trong lòng chị…

    36. FaygalePerhaps you care to explain to your fellow readers what exactly you mean by Zionism?After all, you have made the claim that this site “attracts mostly Jews not committed to Zionism { or committed to watered down leftist Zionism ]. I for one would be curious to know how you have come to this conclusion?Support this comment 0

    37. Jon, I agree as well. I was thinking back to my previous job at an association and wondering if a social media communications plan would work for any of the members. I think in some cases yes, but in others no. I recently went on a job interview and stressed that communicating effectively using social media is not about starting a Facebook or Twitter account, it’s about providing quality content as part of a larger strategic plan.


    39.   raindi zikriAugust 22, 2012assalamua’laikum,wr,wboh iya saya mau nanya dong , itu kalau sudh jd santri , trs kita belajar nya itu di batasin waktu mislkan kaya seperti sekolah gtu ad btas nya sampe 12 tahun nah , disini apakah di batasi seperti itu ? apa ini belajarnya untuk selamanya ? kalau untuk selamanya , berati tiap bulan kita hrus transfer 25ribu ?dan bagaimana kalau kita sudh off ? terima kasih ..

    40. If something that one alleged in the patent turned out to be incorrect based on a subsequent finding, then surely it does not matter when that subsequent finding happened. This is particularly important for product claims given that the monopoly covers all uses of the product. It can be plausible at the priority date for a protein, for example, to have a particular function based on its sequence. If that turns out to be incorrect then surely a patent to the protein is not deserved. A scientific truth cannot be ignored just because it came to light after the priority date.

    41. Если найдутся еще желающие на подобный пост, сделаю. А то опять буду сыпаться угрозы в мой адрес, что я слишком много о себе мню.

    42. Chris y,Darius doesn’t like comparing players and since plenty of deciding what combination of players is better than another is “ranking” them while the rest is looking at overlapping skill sets… I’ll say that most every observer would say that CP3, Bynum, Kobe combo would be better. Because even if you think DWill (as I do) will be productive longer than CP3… Bynum is just so much younger, cheaper, bigger, and better than Gasol. NM the fact that a PF is easier to find than a true Center. But I too am curious to see what Darius thinks.

    43. Guy, as a outsider, i totally feel they aldy done their best and try hard to make this video as well. everyone may need a chance to try everything. maybe u guy having the talent to done better than them. but i sure u all cannot may no talent in all area, rite? and creative is depend on how u look in. well u guy have done a great job in this video..good luck and cheer up ya..jia you…

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    45. Sono sprovvisto di scanner, in ogni caso l'errore è presente a pag.175 ma la citazione inizia ben prima, hanno fatto un bel ritaglio del capitolo che è impregnato dall'inizio alla fine di un parallelismo con Star Trek.(A inizio capitolo è presente un'immagine della mitica partita di poker Newton-Einstein-Hawking-Data!)

    46. amAnother consequence of the everybody gets a trophy society we have created for today’s youth. Further thru the education system there are not any consequences for bad performance, no pass no fail. Everyone makes the team, no one gets cut.The media and government continue to push the “fair share” agenda teaching everyone that those who have aren’t doing their part to share with those who don’t.So we will see more and more of this and kids will have grown up with nothing but this mentality pushed upon them.

    47. Thx for your so right analys. I wish that in a short time a new leader will raise from the middle of our people to lead him to the victory which can be obtain, but with a high price. we shall stop to act like the jews in the 30`s in europe. enough is enough. Let`s roll! and Am Israel hai!

    48. No episódio 1, os titulos não tem legenda…Mas o anime é ótimo, nunca ri tanto (e acordei tantos vizinhos e parentes a noite, fui chingado pq assisto a noite ^^"), vai a dica, vejam durante o dia para não acordarem ninguém a noite pois eu garanto que vcs vão rir alto.Não importa quantas vezes assistam, não perde a graçaomedetougozaimasu

    49. People using these scam systems are not even telling the ECU in the car to reduce the amount of petrol being injected. So it’s injected at the same rate and a bit more as the engine is working far harder once the device is powered. So in effect you are using more fuel but are TOO THICK to know how the engine in a car works! It’s quite amusing to see so many people being fooled by this complete scam. Buy a diesel if you’re that bothered. Hydrogen systems are a total scam….

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    51. Interesting. We’ve been chucking around some ideas for a trailer, but thought that the only way it could really work was if it was the kind of thing which gets send around the office – so it needs to have some kind of hook. I’d be very interested to hear what others experiences with them are.

    52. Die Stadt könnte einfach ohne Förderung genehmigen lassen und losbauen. Das wäre eine Möglichkeit. Aber da macht sich die Verwaltung angreifbar, weil Fördermittel ausgeschlagen wurden.Soviel zur kommunalen Selbstverwaltung. Das Land zieht die “Geldstrippen”.

    53. October 5, 2011 at 7:40 amI’ve found in my experience that usually what comes after a period that is less than ideal is a great time in your life. Even though I didnt’ have a job for 9 months after bschool, what followed was two of the most amazing years of my life. I met you during that time . HEHE. But when we become patient all of a sudden we started taking inspired action as opposed to desperate action. I think you’re going to end up even happier than you were before. Cheers to a a bright future. Reply

    54. crois tout simplement que l’on embarque pas ds une relation lorsque l’on a des choses à régler ! Alors, on impose pas à notre blonde/chum des choses dès le départ ! Comme je disais, on a tous un vécu ( lourd ou moins lourd ) mais, trop de gens , selon moi, s’embarque ds des relations en séries en ne faisant pas le ménage AVANT !!!

    55. While our views may diverge politcally, we are dead in synch on cell phones and the Olympics. We both have spouses with I-phones but I can’t even remember my cell phone number. Julie H called me the other day on it and I was shocked as no one calls me there. I never watch TV but stayed glued to the Olympics. Such passion, such hope.Thanks for all your help on the presentation. Now all I have to do is deliver it.

    56. Three strikes does work. Economically, society benefits more by paying the cost to permanently lock away violent criminals than by paying the costs of their individual crimes. In California, criminals leave the state after 2 strikes. The high cost of incarceration is a choice too, not a fact of life. I am certain Mexican prisons are much cheaper to operate. We could free up a lot of space by paying Mexico to jail thier own citizens.

    57. OH Piggi!!!!!! NON LO FARO’ MAI PIU’.hai perfettamente ragione, son io che sono rovinata dall’eccesso di balsamico (vero però) che gira per casa negli ultimi due anni.però con il limone no, non mi sognerei mai di farlo….baci baci

    58. The food industry is definitely messed up. Highly processed and engineered foods are cheaper than local or organic, but we don’t understand the true price of food. This bread looks scrumptious! I love the idea of intense apple flavor.

    59. Fytti så stor forskjell det går ann å ha på en mandag min mandag he våre heilt grusomme, med å våkna opp med gangsper i heile kroppen itte enn laaaaaaaaaaaaang gå tur i fjellene ifra søndag

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    63. Mange situationer: bad, madlavning sÃ¥ barnet kan stÃ¥ pÃ¥ bordet, under spisningen, nÃ¥r der skal leges med storbror som kun er 1,5 Ã¥r ældre. Vi havde lÃ¥nt en til 1.barn – og den er helt fantastisk.

    64. Verity – #1. Definitely go with a camry because it is a worthwhile investment. #2. Being married made me even crazier about doing chores because now if the house is messy, it’s ALL my deal because Jack’s working all day. . . hahah. And paying bills isn’t all that fun. . . but marriage is the best thing since drivers licenses so you’ll love. it. 🙂

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    66. it’s NOT about the … it’s NOT about the issue of “weed” itself..it’s the simple fact that MORE PRISONERS, HARD TIME prisoners are profitable low-wage workforce for powerful interest group. USA has mechanism that easily land you in jail. Was this answer helpful?

    67. Por aquí tenemos otro tipo de personalismos monárquicos que siempre insisten en adaptara los modelos democráticos…¿será tan difícil combatir la inclinación natural que el poder tienen para perpetuarse?…perdón por el divague de extrapolar lo que cuentas con lo que pasa aquí!Un abrazo

    68. je ne suis pas d’accord: le Belge n’est pas « magouilleur » et ne « travaille pas au noir », il « compense par un indomptable esprit d’entreprise les faiblesses du marché du travail déclaré ».Je crois que c’est un des trucs vraiment sympa dans vos commentaires : leur capacité à parler de tout autre chose que le sujet du billet

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    72. Eve not having a name would not be problematic if she was addressed as “Shaman” – if you recall, in the second game a male Krogan shaman explained how they give up their names in service to the role, so it would have been perfectly consistent for her to be addressed that way.That the writers failed to be consistent in this does not speak well for them. Why make her a shaman, make her ordeal to become a shaman something she shares with Shepard and an important part of writing her as determined and competent, then undermine that?

    73. Le bon nombre d’enfant pour un anniversaire c’est un nombre constant entre le début et la fin !!! après le nombre… c’est toujours ma terreur ne plus en trouver un quand un parent arrive pour chercher le sien !!! enfin pour l’instant… 8ans déjà… enfin on va attendre un peu pour parler cuisine avec lui !!!

    74. C’est splendide! J’avais entendu parler du metro de Moscou, mais le voir la, en vrai, je n’en reviens pas. Les hommes sont incroyablement merveilleux quelquefois.Quant aux blinis, ceux que j’avais faits a Noel, sur une recette d’Helene, avec mon grand garcon, lui ont tellement plu qu’il en a mange plusieurs jours de suite, au petit dejeuner, avec de la confiture. Ils etaient legers, legers, bien meilleurs que des pancakes.

    75. Hi Maria,I love “The Rant!” I remember it well…and I have the baseball cap! Happy Canada Day to you too. I’ll never forget the one and only Canada Day I was in Ottawa and the crowd was so thick I literally got picked up off my feet and moved in a direction I didn’t want to go. That was the day I developed an anxiety around crowds so I understand the backyard BBQ plan! Have fun.Anne

    76. Voi jeesus (näin joulun kunniaksi)! Masentavinta tässä on, että Unilever kaiken muun lisäksi käyttää eläinkokeita – ja voin hyvin kuvitella, miten ja millä viattomilla luontokappaleilla tuotakin dödöä (tai siis sen ainesosia, valmiita tuotteitahan ei saa testata) on testattu, että se on saatu “vaarattomaksi”…

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    78. We have camped nearly every summer for 20 years with two other families. The oldest of the children are in their early twenties now, and I love it that they still want to come out with us. This past summer, my eldest, who was 15 at the time, did part of the Juan de Fuca trail with some of those adult children. No parents involved. It was a highlight of his summer.

    79. I agree with JA Konrath — he wrote that the only gatekeepers he wants are readers. I understand that the publishers want to make money off books since it’s their business to make money. What I don’t get is people who think self-pubbed writers should not have the opportunity to compete with the publishing giants.And I think that’s what most of us self-pubbed writers are really asking for–just a chance to compete.

    80. Linda, You're a honey. (Refer to your last blog post – hee hee!) Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know, you're right, but I've been so focused for so long now that I'm wondering if I'll ever climb out of the cave. Though, I have to admit, the view's not bad in here. Dark, but cozy. When are you coming back to Philly???;-)

    81. Hi Ashley, that Sean Michael book is one that I’ve been meaning to read for quite a long time now. I might just have to now! One of my very first m/m books was Gemini by Chris Owen, so I was into it from the start! Actually, I knew it was a kink of mine when I used to read the Nifty archives and I’d always read the incest stories. And some of those are pretty intense!

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    92. Mirabell: Aina välillä näyttää intoakin löytyvän!Suvi: Tuu tänne naulaamaan tauluja seinälle!Magia: Ei mee ku mitään ei tuu mitä tilaa! :DNelly: Onpa hyvää palvelua!! :OTaateli: Ihana kommentti! Liikutuin ihan, kiitos sanoistasi! En minä joka päivä ole pirteä ja iloinen, ja nyt on välillä tosi vaikeaa ja huonoja päiviä ihan liikaa. Mutta pakko on aina jatkaa ja tsempata, ja koittaa löytää hyviä hetkiä ja hyviä asioita. Kiitos vielä ihanasta kommentista! <3Ulla: Kiitos!Sanna: Elloskoti jee! 🙂

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    97. Oui pas mal ce coffret ! Dommage que ce film surestimé, soit destiné aux pigeons qui se prennent pour des cinéphiles ou des mélomanes : )ps : j’en suis un et heu ben j’assume… (enfin je ne l’achèterais pas deux fois)

    98. Moi, je mettrais « Undress like an enchanteress » [ parce que “princess” c’est juste déjà trop fait] parce que j’aime bien ce mot en anglais (je le trouve beaucoup plus beau qu’en français d’ailleurs) et aussi parce que j’ai baigné dans les histoires de fées, etc quand j’étais petite – d’ailleurs je confirme, les filles ça écrit en rose! Et PS: continue ton blog! (même si je ne laisse pour ainsi dire quasi, nan même jamais de commentaires je trouve que tu te débrouilles très très bien!)

    99. On the other hand you also need carbs to perform well at the gym… That’s why I find cardio and a regulargymsession so hard to combine. One has its focus on fatburning, the other on building muscle. One gets its energy (hopefully) from burning fatdeposits and the other from depleting glycogen (in the muscles)(and hopefully increasing them afterwards, eheh)… The more you think about weighttraining the more complicated it gets, rofl… That’s why I luv it soo much

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    104. its not that specific exercises will injure you, its muscle imbalances that do that.. a lot of guys get “bench press syndrome” where they focus solely on show-off exercises for “mirror muscles” which has them doing 75%+ pushing movements. they develop an imbalance that pulls shoulders forward & rotates them inwardly, overdeveloped pecs & underdeveloped back, impinged nerves and makes it a lot more likely to tear the rotator cuff. instead, work your back and front equally.

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    109. Dear Albertini, TCE,Thank you for your thoughtful words. I must say, your owner has remarkable restraint! I have been known to devour a pack of three of your kind in one sitting… which is precisely why I have switched over to mini eggs. I mean no disrespect when I say that I’ve gone off the sugary sweetness that makes you so unique.Best of luck there in the cupboard!The Blogger

    110. we went to a haunted house thingy on saturday night and they also used people in strait jackets in one of the areas. we just finished setting up our halloween display for this year. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. Happy Halloween 🙂

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    112. a lot about a thrift store if you can find a white sundress in good condition (as in still white)… There’s a little consignment shop in Carytown (where I live until the end of the month) that has the best stuff: Clementine. But they’ve got the best stuff because they’re super selective. And since they’re super selective, they’re prices aren’t sockingly awesome. For instance, you can pretty much always find some cute Anthro dresses there, but they’d be in the $40-80 range. Much better than Anthro prices, but no $9 Unique find.

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    117. in 10 years from now I think all music business will be pretty much dead and everything will be underground and indi. Although one could say there isnt anything wrong with the music today……..which ever way you look at it, it will definitely be different

    118. JD – yeah, Kobe couldn’t have been sincere. It’s all an act for marketing. I bet he actually has a guy working for him checking ex-teammates stats and sending them texts. On another subject, anyone else get the sense that the Lakers might be a little choppy the first part of the season – integrating, Artest, Gasol and Bynum gelling, settling into rotations.? I’m actually expecting some early struggles.

    119. Kathleen,Actually, the greenhouse was the project that got put on hold because of the “Big Project” that I earlier this year. The big project is still progressing but it is a very big project and we missed the schedule for where I wanted to be by September 1st in order to continue with construction on that for the fall. With that in mind I shifted gears and brought the greenhouse farrowing shed back to the front burner while paper work and research continues on the “Big Project”.Cheers,-Walter

    120. ON,estás feito um grande chato. Só perguntas. Ainda por cima parece que tens o disco riscado. O que é que queres saber das crianças? O que é que as crianças têm de diferente do resto?A doença nunca vem como “castigo” senão andávamos todos coxinhos, leprosos, ceguinhos, etc, etc.No tempo de Jesus é que se achava que a doença era um castigo dos pecados. Jesus mostrou bem que não. Libertou.

    121. This reminds me of the times when I would buy a manga in Japanese and then sit with my laptop and google translate. A page could take an hour and I still wouldn’t really understand it. And I would have to choose titles for younger readers, because they would give the hiragana along with the kanji. Otherwise I was screwed.At least the French language isn’t as “foreign” as Japanese is! I wholeheartedly support your plan. If nothing else, you’ll learn some French!

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