How Does Your Work Life Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Your Work Life Affect Your Sleep?

From the blog of YOG Talks #4 Guest Speaker Dr. Michael Breus

Labor Day is coming up in a few days, a chance for most of us to take a last little summer break before fall gets underway. My family will be sticking close to home, relaxing at the beach and getting together with friends for dinner on the patio in the evening.

Labor Day honors the contributions of workers to American life. With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to talk about work and sleep. I’ve written a lot about the effects of poor quality and disrupted sleep on work performance. Poor sleep reduces productivity and increases absenteeism. It dampens creativity and innovative thinking and hampers teamwork. It gets in the way of good, effective leadership. Poor sleep’s effect on work life also has a profound impact on the economy, spiking health care costs, and generating billions in losses from missed workdays and reduced productivity. 

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