First Ever YOG Talks A Raging Success

First Ever YOG Talks A Raging Success

Thursday, 15th February 2018 became a date of historical significance. On this day, around 7pm in an event space in Venice, California, a panel of five remarkable humans gathered to speak, with Los Angeles locals filling the room, to listen, to learn, to be inspired…and alas, YOG Talks was born.

YOG Talks was created with the intention of raising awareness of the Y.O.G. movement, while bringing influential do-gooders together to connect and build a strong community of committed leaders.

Co founder and YOGfather Marc Stcherbina was M.C. for the discussion, opening the proceedings by explaining the Y.O.G. concept and the context for the event. In brief, Y.O.G. stands for Young Older Guy whereby “Older Guy” represents men of age 35+ years, and “Young” represents a youthful, exuberant, conscious way of being, packaged together as pretty much the ultimate, well rounded man.

Sebastian Terry impresses the crowd, and Ozzie Osborne
M.C. and YOG Father Marc Stcherbina holds court
Luke Storey blowing minds
The crowd was enthralled at YOG Talks No.1
Luke Milton holds the floor
There were laughs-a-plenty at YOG Talks No.1
Dan MacPherson "touching" on some important topics
Audience member Danny Carpio poses a provocative question
Relationship Coach Ozzie Osborne

Photos: Kristine Surla (@ksurlaphoto on IG)

The M.C. then continued to interview each of the guest speakers, starting with Australian born television host and actor, Dan MacPherson. Each member of the panel brought various, prominent ‘Yoggish’ characteristics, which was outlined by Marc in his introductions. MacPherson being an Ironman triathlete in his spare time, shared with the audience his ability to maintain balance in life, and how he manages his marriage given the challenges of his film career.

The next panelist in the hot seat was author, inspirational speaker and also fellow Australian, Sebastian Terry. Sebastian shared how he founded which is essentially a list he created of things he wanted to do to experience life to the fullest. Seb was an inspiring representation of the YOG mantra “to live a life of no regrets”. Seb also brought to the panel his deep desire to contribute to society through selfless service to those in need, another large part of what it means to be a YOG.

The third YOG to round off the Australian theme was Founder of Training Mate gym and star of Khloe Kardashian’s fitness TV show Revenge Body, Luke Milton. Milton, on top of his business success based firmly on a foundation of building community, definitely brought the YOG quality of humor, and not taking oneself too seriously. His enthusiastic outlook on life, humble approach to success, and honorable devotion to his wife and child melted every heart in attendance.

Up next was the much anticipated interview with former celebrity stylist and founder of the Life Stylist podcast, Luke Storey. Luke was described as being the “epitome of the expression – knowledge is power”. The 46 year old explained how his natural curious nature led him toward a path of finding out the best ways to optimize his mental, physical and spiritual health, while educating and inspiring millions of others to do the same. Luke’s humorous anecdotes and impressive knowledge had the entire room edutained to the point of elation.

As Storey wrapped up his segment with his insights on relationships, this proved the perfect segued into the introduction of the only female speaker, relationship Coach Ozzie Osborne. Ozzie brought the voice of the women in the audience, who actually outnumbered the men, and her experience from years of relationship and transformational leadership coaching to the space. A highlight of the night was when she posed the question to each of the men of the panel – “Name one thing your woman does for you that makes you feel like a man?”

All in all, the objectives of the evening were achieved:

  • The YOG concept was officially launched.
  • Good people had the opportunity to connect with other good people up to big things in the community.
  • Attendees left the event feeling entertained, inspired and motivated to live purposefully, while coming from a place of contribution and service to others.

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