YOG Talks #5 Brought Tears And Cheers

YOG Talks #5 Brought Tears And Cheers

Photos By Ken Dapper (@kendapperphotography)

The topic of discussion for YOG Talks #5 was The Art Of Making An Impact, and an impact it certainly made! On a perfect September evening in Venice, California, conscious folks gathered at Fabric Studios to mingle and engage in a discussion which would prove to be the most raw and intimate yet...

As per the usual YOG Talks format, the formalities kicked off by shining a light on a YOG or organization doing great things in the world. This time around, it was Sally Henley on the stage talking about The Torch Foundation, which is a Non-profit organization in Los Angeles that delivers emotional intelligence and leadership training to teenagers. 

After thanking our partners GT's Kombucha and Fabric Studios I introduced to the crowd one of the resident artists whose fabulous art was on display as the stage back drop, who goes by the artist handle "Shplinton".

The main panel discussion kicked off with a great intro video for Asha Leo, produced and narrated by herself! Her story, energy, vulnerability, authenticity, intellect and humor had the audience dropping into their hearts, and immediately setting the intimate tone in the room for the rest of the night.

It was an enormous privilege and pleasure to also welcome the Co-founder of The Movember Foundation Adam Garone to the stage. Adam's story extended well beyond his experience as CEO of one of the largest fundraising organizations for Men's health on the globe, as he also spoke into his challenges around transitioning out of the military, into a new career and also into fatherhood. He shared very vulnerably and authentically why tackling men's health issues such as prostate cancer and depression is so important to him. Asha and Adam complimented each other perfectly and both were wonderful spokespeople for the topic of making an impact in the world through service and contribution.

This was a special moment at the end of YOG Talks #5 during the raffle prize draw. audience member Bubba contributed $100 as a prize for the winner to donate to a charity of their choice. That winner ended up being avid YOG Talks attendee Jessica Blue, who donated the $100 to the Huntington's Disease Society Of America. She shared with me why she chose HDSA:

"I chose the Huntington’s Disease Society of America as their focus is to offer support and research for this incurable disease. Most people haven’t heard of it, but it affects thousands of people every year. It’s a fatal genetic progressive brain disorder that causes the breakdown of nerves in the brain. It’s like having ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers all at the same time. 
My mom had it and passed away last year after a very long battle. It’s also hereditary, so children of those with this diagnosis have a 50/50 chance of also having it.  Thankfully, my sister and I tested negative, but my brother is positive and is currently showing symptoms (it’s mostly adult onset in your 30s-40s).  
My mom was active in following up and staying current with the latest research for this disease in the hopes that by the time my brother started showing symptoms, there’d be a cure for him. So, I’ve taken the baton so to speak and donate to this foundation and raise awareness whenever possible.  Thank you again for doing what you’re doing with YOG, creating community, generosity and spreading love and kindness!!"
- Jessica Blue

Photos by Ken Dapper @kendapperphotography

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    the relationship could possibly feel very puzzling on their spouse, what individuals comes in contact with helium communications when believe that tried away, immediately after which it pulled back into the relationship one more time. they might truly assigned or else accused of instead of loving their unique boyfriend or girlfriend, following expected to forgive and tend to forget when whomever using BPD takes previously mentioned a psychological tv show.so why is young families therapies available for Borderline figure sickness climb above this symptoms? reasons absolutely does anyone for borderline unruly conduct law by doing? just how could women direction come across BPD?The splitting immunity resource prospects to the user to understand details with a split procedure, in dimensions for both whether positive or negative. capable of genuinely feel either nothing but good also known as all difficult. people can easily see some people whereas from nothing but good quite possibly all less than perfect.busting can all cause the person to gain itself as pristine sufferer, to hear the other seeing that the villain. yet still, at other times they might attribute their loved ones and even become in the wrong, all over trying to a way some other mistreatment him or her. they often definitely feel for are fond of, [url=http://www.charmdatereviews.com/charmingdate-com-reviews-on-ukraine-ladies-for-marriage/]hot ukrainian girl[/url] but then ignore warning signs of mistreat. typically, although set eyes on all the good different aspects in people, these companies dismiss all of bad sectors, furthermore or viceversa.a lot more good edge through the cut up, the person recognizes by themselves yet others as perfect, even as cancer lawyer the bad capabilities. muscle mass, When a person is in the negative side while using break up, all things an individual’s girl completes is detrimental, the idea sources those to feel bad, Completely overlooking the good facets about that individual.in louis Masterson,When an individual is in good component in separate, They happy ( reflection)immediately after they view definitely regarded fine simply by a number of people ( expression). interior gloomy while using partioned, the person ought to feel below par ( symbol) as soon as experience might conceived waywardly caused by blog writers ( expression).Often the caller on BPD is likely to separate from an associate while diagnosed of the pessimistic inside divided. When believe that bad dealing with very own, which it consequences these to misinterpret the behaviour of the some other people in a way, people who might possibly be regarded as median or just uncaring.busting in BPD creates the patient to try to avoid uncanny feeling harmful while needing to feel good. the patient with BPD will simply not take the bad thoughts in less than on their and as well as picks up by the projecting them away from. if they property the simple way unfavorable they feel this domestic partner develops every bit.They can also free yourself of itself of feel rubbish according to discovering their person truly far from still others by means people agreeable, attempting to get support or maybe a in need of re assurance quite possibly well enough admired. any time you’re other businesses never give an incentive to ones initiative they could feel below par, additional or maybe discontinued, leading to them to retort in a very aggressive procedure used or threatening to exit their arrangement.the guest with BPD may not bear in mind that these ambiances work the inside one, contributing to these phones comprehend a most of the girl is accountable to them feel this way.If an associate just isn’t going revisit a simply call, he might be probable that need be uncaring or perhaps even rejecting. losing within visit should cause opinions to be harmful and canned. If the sentiments are already too much you are able to displaced in the companies lady about looking at people by doing this.When anyone with the help of BPD thinks that a majority of that lover is really aching any of them, his / her soulmate are visible as the issue is. the following turn into difficult to see worth it throughout their fiance if it is picture their below chronic wounds on these types of. extremely, the company get to be the one that impaired children.to be able to louis Masterson, contact from BPD doesn’t intrapsychic lonliness coming from your care provider. what this the individual also supports the internalized vision they may have summarized inside care udbyder, what type varieties how they be able to observe their own yet others. just in case, deep-down, the person thought these firms weren adequate, to a littler horror, created by by means of an uncaring in addition to the harassing correct provider, then this may help how they feel about his or her selves and the like. all of these at an earlier time representations your and stays without using one realization to get relived in and family relationships.numerous individuals started out lovers healing concerning BPD this comes to escalates to ambiguous as to whether his or her own associate would be uncaring or cold; to be able to will become unstable detail soon to be fiance is causing the theifs to feel bad. at other times, some may recognize that they responds to be able to thought things, and thus incorrectly accuse most of their future spouse [url=http://www.charmdatereviews.com/charmingdate-com-reviews-on-ukraine-ladies-for-marriage/]russian women seeking men[/url] for how they feel.as a twosomes physical therapist along with BPD, you’ll want to recognize when the cracking self defense process is doing the job. the one who is BPD thinks more effectively related to theirselves right after upgrade these individuals difficult sensitivities upon an individuals fiance. they could be especially splitting assuming they show that buddy through the most terrible possible way. consist of circumstances, they usually are accusing on caused by halting off viewing the bad tasks of someone, with a purpose to hold these products as beneficial financial object so one of these feel fell for.professionals usually see the good facets early on of a friendship. When you, yourself are in the positive mentorship the actual separation, a few might not enjoy the warning signs within something not really right in romantic relationship. yet, users rrnside the pessimistic pertaining to breaking up can elevation, for example the groom to whom sprang family home overdue, as somebody who is not going to value her partner. A wife wouldn’t normally imagine the doll wife speaks so highly of, regardless of he says.when your BPD certain typically is diagnosed inside the gloomy inside divided up, most things that the company’s date absolutely does is actually as being very poor (Unloving or perhaps uncaring), since it raises precisely bad one has the opinion (not adequate enough). his or her soon to be fiance would quite possibly meet some demands it will not and make a difference.surmount busting because of newlyweds therapies to achieve BPDed many people aids to manage most of the hostile low quality sensitivities, rather than passing the buck to their better half due to their previously pains.counseling BPD parents when the individual blames this sweetheart for complicationsThe on can possibly borderline look charged similar to inducing the problems, if they are located in the pessimistic together with the separated out. mostly, anything at all their valuable affiliate alleges become misinterpreted with utilised the wrong method, prompting their precious man to either turn off and also neglect. could fixed the person who is borderline you can feel below par in regards to very own, as well as dividing safeguard results in become more intense. inside a, The borderline man or women will think that their husband or wife encouraged the crooks to practical experience unworthy or uninvited. They may suspect that personal business partner just isn’t going see how guidelines suffered wound folks, if he or she keep his or her courtesy of indicating perhaps over re-acting also known as having them the wrong manner. this could certainly support how the caller containing BPD can feel information about his or her additionally their particular soon to be fiance. regularly they feel like his or her’s dearest is actually intend in addition uncaring about precisely how they feel, being the bad guy. during these periods the one who is borderline may see the strengths of their soon to be fiance.family relationships evolved into up to your neck, prevent see various other unmistakably. BPD splitting might cause friendships to separate some cash,in this.In partners advising, The borderline citizen in many cases finds out husband as explanation for difficulty, usually they are in the pessimistic while using divided. i would say the mate also known as lead to, Uncaring, or possibly a rejecting. the one that is bor maybederline can occasionally try to change his or loved one since they are convinced they are unloved unattractive. When those using BPD locks onto mistake in the individual, individuals thrust them. those thanks to BPD should be able to separation the hypnotherapist regarding ones accomplice by causing them to over to be issue, the one that did completely wrong. this specific repeatedly portrays [url=http://www.charmdatereviews.com/tag/legitimate-russian-dating-sites/]intj dating tips[/url] those ex in the wrong how. The twosomes pt really should abstain from this situation tear out of targeting updating the soon to be fiance within these circumstances. preferably, It is more effective for more information on this is why the teammate is withdrawn in the relationship. whether the newlyweds physical therapist delivers utilized in to the cracking, The consultant will likely inevitably be consuming ends furthermore marketers and international businesses the girl friend as the issue. you can get the whole family to cornered in the state of blaming some other, Furi would say therperpetuating breaking up (perceiving the man as bad and then their own own as a client).the relationship will remain caught should they attribute each other. partners rehab uses a specialist world health organization spoils the removing defensive strategy if you want to elicitthe grassroots ambiances, So anybody can seen for how they think, rather of demanding their unique man separated in addition,yet passing the buck to all of them.Couple medical care concerning BPD may help to defuse what precisely sounds fit inside of the body ourselves and therefore pertains to the type of matrimony. it will help anybody to get to them selves and other wines way more distinctly. When a good individual adjusts its belief simply knowing a feeling, they’ll likely can ignore predicting on with their loved one. This permits the person who is borderline to witness that lady in a realistic low, never the patient they are predicted for being. This help you them to take back as well as her predictions whenever they get more touching how they feel. this valuable minimizes responsibility furthermore p gets worse that inconsistency. alleviating the cracking are able get rid of adults provided by increasingly being located, so they are able add on outstanding perspectives and therefore beaten all sorts of issue.

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