Russell Brand

Russell Brand

A valuable, and one might say necessary YOG quality, is humor. And while there is a plethora of Comedians out there making we YOG bloggers giggle regularly, we consider the more yoggish funnymen to be those who can joke around and also be serious, combining their wit with a passion for educating and taking a stand on important current issues.

Russell Brand is case in point. The outspoken 39 year old Brit can hold his own with any political analyst, chew up any news reporter’s word and spit it back at them, and charm the pants off any woman caught in his far reaching gravitational pull.

Brand is open about his history of drug abuse, and uses it inspire other abusers to abstain,  just as he has done for the last 13 years.

His Youtube Channel called Trews (True News) is a great testament to Brand’s freakish intellect, wit and humanitarianism as he sarcastically exposes the broadcasting of news which is lacking in importance and/or integrity.

Keep up the YOGness Rusty!

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