Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater

Peak physical condition? Check. Hollywood looks? Check. World Champion, Activist, Businessman, Guitarist, Golfer, Nice Guy etc., etc.? Check.

Born Robert Kelly Slater on February 11, 1972, he isn’t just a YOG, he’s a freak of nature. To win 11 World titles in any sport, let alone surfing is a monumental feat, and at 45, he appears far from done…

His dominance in surfing may have brought him global notoriety, but Slater’s talents and passions extend well beyond just riding waves.

He has a number of business ventures which have an underlining commitment to environmental sustainability, such as his clothing label Outerknown. But arguably his greatest achievement in the business realm is the development and recent unveiling of the world’s best man made wave, which of course, is powered entirely by the sun.

Slater is an advocate for clean living, which helps explain his youthful appearance and continued athletic prowess, endorsing products such as Purps health drinks and Chia Pod health snacks.

Given his attributes and positive influence on millions of people of all ages, Kelly Slater is an easy choice for admission into the YOG Hall Of Fame, but we also like him because given the opportunity, you could still sit and have a beer with this humble legend…well…maybe not a beer…

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