David Beckham

David Beckham

Before World Cup soccer fever grinds to a complete halt (some might say it already has), we want to pay tribute to a YOG who is arguably the most world recognized figure both on and off the ‘football’ field. This is probably due to him having played in 3 World Cups for England, married a pop star (she’s actually quite cool), launched his own fragrance, had a movie named after him, earned a bazillion dollars with some of the World’s richest soccer clubs… Need we go on?

Even though the 39 year old didn’t play in this World Cup, his handsome mug still appeared occasionally in various overpriced ad campaigns throughout the tournament’s broadcast.

And yes, the YOGness extends beyond his obvious fame and fortune, being involved with countless charities, setting up several youth academies for future champions and finding the time to raise four of his own future champions.

David Beckham, welcome to the YOG Hall Of Fame.

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