What is a YOG?

What is a YOG?

The term YOG is an acronym for Young Older Guy.

In our opinion, boys tend to become men around the age of 35. By this stage, they should have enough life experience and a developed sense of self-awareness to raise their stocks to a powerful position. This is probably why the minimum age a candidate running for U.S. President must be is 35.

It’s also the age when men start being viewed as ‘that Older Guy’ (or ‘Dad’s mate’ particularly by young women).

Therefore, the OG in YOG can only be represented by 35 year old men and over.

And let’s face the facts, most women desire an older man. One just has to turn to People Magazine’s annual ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ poll for proof. The average age of the last 10 recipients of this most prestigious of accolades is 41.1 years old.Sexiest man alive

But it’s important to note that these most desired of humans all possess an important ingredient which elevates them beyond just being Older Guys (OGs). This of course, is the Y factor, or the Young in Young Older Guy.

The Y can be achieved in so many ways. Being youthful in appearance is the most obvious, usually thanks to a healthy lifestyle, good fashion sense, or just plain good genetics. But a YOG will also be Young at heart, and not in an immature sense, but more so a youthful exuberance and energy which parallels that of childhood years.

The shape of the also represents power and triumph, which is the inspiration behind the Y in our logo (adapted from the common men’s restroom icon, due to the inevitable sprinkles of toilet humor throughout the blog).Usain with logo

However, to be a YOG goes well beyond just the letters in the Acronym.

A YOG is optimistic and confident, yet humble.

A YOG honors his word. He says what he means, and means what he says.

A YOG is self aware, with a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for emotional intelligence.

A YOG lives outrageously and joyfully, never taking himself seriously.

A YOG strives for peak physical condition through sound nutrition and regular exercise.

A YOG lives with responsibility, integrity, and is not defined by material wealth.

A YOG is present, is not controlled by fear, and is comfortable in the uncomfortable.

A YOG embraces the aging process, rather than denies it.

A YOG gives of himself through humble contribution to serve others.

Finally and most importantly, a YOG strikes a balance between all of the above, which translates into living a full, authentic and honorable life of purpose and no regrets.