11 Qualities In MEN That Will Charm The Pants Off Any WOMAN

Our favorite expert on the woman’s perspective Kelly Marceau once again confirms that women worth their salt are look for MEN with YOG qualities.

So read on and maybe you’ll start acting like a YOG, or better yet, just reconfirm what you already suspected!

If I Were A Guy, I’d Get So Many Chicks

If I Were A Guy, I’d Get So Many Chicks

As I read through the many blogs and articles out there on dating, sex and relationships written by women, a pattern emerges which can be summed up by 3 letters – Y, O and G.

Lauren Martin, an insightful and humorous writer for Elite Daily often refers to the desirable qualities possessed by YOGs as being the preferred choice of (worthwhile) women.

Click HERE to read one of her more helpful articles for we who constantly seek the truth about What Women Want.



What Sexy, Consciously Awake Women NEED and DON’T Want From Men

Ok fellas, you’re gonna want to read this. Don’t just take it from us what women want in a man…take it from the female horse’s mouth!

Kelly Marceau is a consciously awake woman who knows what she’s taking about. So read, take notes and wake up!!

Click HERE to read now!

New Years resolutions every YOG should make

YOG grooming

25 New Years Resolutions Every Man Should Make In 2014

So it’s that time of year again when we all plan to change ourselves for the better starting January 1st.  Now, the YOG way would be to not have to wait till next year to make a change, but if setting a date will give your motivation the kickstart it needs, then take a look at this article from ELITE DAILY…

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