Women want YOGs…fact.

Women want YOGs…fact.

A YOG. Women want a YOG. There I said it. And this is based on recent scientific research (we asked a couple of girlfriends the other night). Traditionally, women tend to seek an older man when it comes to more meaningful interactions. Some will say it’s because men are wired differently to women, and tend to mature emotionally at a slower rate. Others claim it’s because men have usually achieved more career success, hence power when they’re older, deeming them much more attractive than their Xbox playing Frat boy counterparts.

Women often point out in a huff of resentment how men just physically look better as they age whereas women head either downhill or to the plastic surgeon. The proof is in the pudding if you consider the usual suspects who grace the cover of People Magazine’s annual ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ issue.

As mentioned in the ‘what’s a YOG?’ page of our blog, the average age of these Cover Boys over the last 10 years is 41.1 years old. At the time of the ’98 and ’99 issues, winners Harrison Ford and Richard Gere were 58 and 50 respectively.

Cover boys Harrison Ford and Richard Gere

Despite being in an age where women are becoming increasingly independent, with equal opportunities edging ever closer to a level playing field, women still want their man to be their protector. They want a ‘real man’ as opposed to a boy. A man who has life experience , and has developed a deeper understanding of themselves and of a woman’s needs. A man who no longer plays games – both the computer and the emotional kind.

But a woman must also be kept excited, both in and out of the bedroom, which is where the YOG obtains the edge over the plain OG. The ‘Y’ factor is the key to a woman’s heart.

So watch this space as we endeavor to gather clues and opinions from the fairer sex about how to put the ‘Y’ in Young Older Guy.

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