When Should Men Trust A Woman

When Should Men Trust A Woman

From the blog of YOG Talks #3 Guest Speaker Adam Gilad

When I teach women, I teach them to trust a man by his actions, not his words. Because you and I know that a guy will say just about anything to get into her sweet little panties.  To win her favor.  To be liked and admired. Women mistrust us – and in some ways, they should.

But should you trust women?  When should you?  When should you not? Until we prove ourselves trustworthy. 

Things like:

- Talk about your sisters, if you have them, and use their first names.

- Talk about the men you admire and the trustable qualities you admire about them (you win by association.)

- Set up a high bar to qualify women who will write you – say things like “Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of my life, and if you are inclined to write me, please hold the same values in the same high regard.”   Or “Only honest, open, considerate and kind women welcome.  I value women who are kind to all and snooty to none.”

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