What’s The Deal With Alkaline Water?

What’s The Deal With Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water: Real or a scam?

It is the big talking point these days. Those shopping at Wholefoods market are buying alkaline water, while those at Ralph’s are buying cases of ‘non-alkaline‘ or as i’d rather call it, ‘acidic’ water. I have personally tested numerous brands of bottled water and the results are pretty shocking. Everyone in the global community is affected by the quality of our water resources. The water we drink should be free from harmful chemicals to ensure good health. The purity of ground and surface waters in our environment is vital to ensuring sustainable use. Process waters must be kept clean from contaminants to ensure product quality and acceptable exposure levels.

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What is pH?

pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 0-6 is acidic, a pH of 7 is neutral and a pH of 8-14 is alkaline. Pure water has a neutral pH and human saliva is close to neutral, while our blood is slightly alkaline. Seawater is between 7.7 and 8.3 on the pH scale, and products like hand soap, ammonia and bleach are more alkaline in the range from 9.0 – 12.5.

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Our ideal range as humans is 7.365. A simple pH saliva test will tell you what your range is, but a urine analysis is also key to zoning in on your range. Both of these tests are done in our offices to determine what needs to be done nutritionally to move towards a more alkaline environment. Making pH shifts are simple but they take time and sometimes a lifestyle change. It is not only what to start incorporating into your diet, but even more importantly, what to stop shoving down your throat!

Stay away from the following foods:

1. Cola/Soft Drinks: colas contain sugar. Loads and loads of it. About 10 teaspoons per 330ml can. It is a proven fact that sugar increases insulin levels, which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, premature aging and many more negative side effects. Most sodas include over 100 percent of the RDA of sugar. Phosphoric acid is known to interfere with the body’s ability to use and absorb calcium, this is one of the main reasons why cola is linked to osteoporosis. Aspartame is used in soda’s and is the worst of the worst when it comes to sweeteners

2. Ice Cream: Dairy is acidic so stay away from it as much as possible. It would take 20 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize 1 glass of milk. Not good!

3. Hydrogenated and Partially Hydrogenated Fats/ Trans Fats: Trans fatty acids are a artery-clogging fat that is formed when vegetable oils are hardened into margarine. It’s found in all of the most acid-forming foods like fried foods, refined foods, cakes, biscuits, chocolates and chocolate snacks, chips, pizzas etc.

4. Artificial sweeteners: PLEASE stop using these carcinogenics! Replace with stevia or agave.

Trying to give you advice on what to consume to push you more towards alkalinity is an article on it’s own, but the obvious one is water. We are made up of about 70% water so feed that system wisely! Start buying alkaline water or get a machine for your home. I do not endorse specific company’s but I bought mine from Life Ionizer and have been extremely happy with it. What about when i’m at a restaurant you ask? Always ask for lemon in your water. Remember it’s not the pH of whatever you are consuming, it’s the pH that your body turns it into, that counts.

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It’s simple. You are either acidic or alkaline. Take this seriously, as inflammation and disease (especially cancer) thrive in an acidic/low oxygen environment.


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