Pain Management vs Preventive Wellness

Pain Management vs Preventive Wellness

You only have to turn on your television and watch any commercial pushing another drug to see how out of control the health ‘care’ system has become. I keep thinking I’m watching an episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ when they list all the side effects, but there is nothing funny about it! The FDA seems to approve anything if the price is right, without considering the long term consequences.

I would love to ask them this: “So let me get this right: You want me to accept ten dangerous side effects to help me lower my blood sugar levels? Here’s an idea – how about funding commercials that let people know how to lower their blood sugar levels naturally? Oh right, there’s no money in that.” It’s absolutely maddening.

In fact, instead of hiring Monsanto employees to saturate all levels of the FDA, why don’t we sponsor commercials that educate people on what pain really is? Perhaps if we explain that pain is a good thing and that it is simply our body’s way of communicating to us that there is a problem, we’d have a much healthier, happier society?

I know I’m ranting a bit, but it’s still the truth. Pain has been misrepresented in modern medicine. Pain should be embraced as a sign to cure the cause of an ailment, instead of simply numbing (silencing) it or treating the symptom. Pain is our internal warning sign and if we ignore and simply silence it by pumping ourselves full of synthetic drugs, we are only going to spiral downward towards a premature death.

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We live in extremely stressful times and it has long been proven that stress is the cause of most, if not all pain and disease. As beings, we are wired in a very specific way. Constant, low-level stress causes a destructive pattern within our brains, and our bodies follow accordingly. We “lateralize” into our dominant brain hemisphere – meaning that one hemisphere seizes control as a defensive, survival mechanism, and you begin operating from one hemisphere. This causes one side of your brain to be overly taxed, and the other hemisphere to become passive.

Our right brain hemisphere controls the left side of our body, and the left hemisphere controls the right side of our body, so when you’re stressed, and locked into one hemisphere, it creates an imbalance muscularly as well as structurally, because your brain causes your body to distort – or pull up – on one side. The passive side shows weakness and the overly active, stressed side shows tension. Naturally, pain comes next.

Walking around in this out of balance state creates further problems the longer we leave it. Every step we take in this state puts a massive, unbalanced load on our bodies. The longer we ignore the warning signs, the worse it gets and the further we spiral away from health. I maintain that we are either in a state of repair or a state of degeneration.

We are self-healing beings so the solution would be to remove this imbalance, and be put back into a state of balance and homeostasis. If this can happen, and be maintained we will naturally repair and heal. It is sad and unfortunate that we live in a society that is so quick to shut the communication out with drugs and surgery, but I believe it is because there is more money in treating the symptoms instead of the cure.

The cycle is never-ending. Drugs lead to more drugs, and surgeries lead to more surgeries. The average American home has at least five or more different prescription drugs in their home and yet we are the most unhealthy country in the world. We have been told for years that an aspirin a day is good for us but this a joke! Again, let me get this right… we were created with an aspirin deficiency? When are we going to wake up and take a stand against the corruption? When are we as Americans going to stop supporting the corporate medical system?

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Of course, this is easier said than done, because we as a society, have largely become drug addicts that rely on the drugs to get through our day. Is it because we are too lazy to look for alternatives? Or are we simply not educated about natural ways to get back to health? I believe it is both.

If we can ‘exist’ in out of balanced, unhealthy bodies, imagine how we can ‘live’ in balanced, healthy bodies, free of drugs. It is my belief that in years to come, we will look back at the barbaric system we were forced into and shake our heads in shame. I believe many holistic medicines and preventive wellness systems are the solution to our epidemic, and are becoming increasingly popular in some big cities. This is good news, considering that the middle of the country generally follows trends set by bigger cities. There are many ways of taking our health back, but it is up to us to go out and search for what works best. I encourage you today to consider the long term effects of your approach to wellness, and choose long term, holistic solutions instead of temporal pain management.

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