FEBRUARY 15, 2018

The First Ever YOG Talks Has Finally Arrived

You've heard of TED talks, well this is kinda the same but very different. Learn more on the night, as we hear from some influential YOGs in the community across different industries about their success, challenges, contribution, lifestyle and what it means to be a Young Older Guy. Mingle with other powerful, sexy, outrageous men and women over a few beverages and snacks. It's a fun networking event with a twist, so don't miss out!

Guest Speakers

Dan MacPherson

Daniel was born in Sydney, Australia, and attended the prestigious Sydney Boys High School. His professional acting debut came in 1998 in Australian drama 'Neighbours'. The role of Joel Samuels was written specifically for him. In almost four years on the show, Daniel won a Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent, and in 2001 was nominated for Most Popular Actor.

Dan had a stint in London from 2002 - 2005  including stage musical 'Godspell', 'The Mysteries' opposite revered UK actor Edward Woodward, and 'The Bill' as PC Cameron Tait where he was nominated for a British Television Award for Best Newcomer.

Dan's big film debut came in 2010 in the role of Jason Oliver in film 'The Cup', before taking the lead role in Channel 7 Western 'Wild Boys' in 2011, for which he received a silver Logie Nomination.

2012 saw Daniel relocate to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, snagging roles in Shane Abbess' sci-fi film 'Infini', 'The Shannara Chronicles', and futuristic feature 'SFv1' alongside Kellan Lutz, Isabel Lucas, Rachel Griffiths and Temuera Morrisson.

Dan has also just completed filming for a revitalized fifth season of 'Strike Back', set for a release on Cinemax in early February. 

Aside from acting, Daniel is also one of the most renowned live television hosts in Australia, having hosted multiple series of juggernauts such as Dancing with the Stars and X Factor.

In his spare time he has raced triathlons and marathons for over 20 years. He has represented Australia at amateur level at 3 world championship distances, and raced the famous Hawaiian Ironman triathlon. Dan raced the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon World Championships in Las Vegas in September 2013, and raced his 8th Ironman triathlon in early 2015. He has run the London, Gold Coast and LA marathons, just to name a few, raising money for charity along the way.

Luke Milton

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Luke's fitness career began as a professional Rugby player where he was lucky enough to play for his country, in a professional career that spanned almost 10 years. After retiring from Rugby, Luke founded the high intensity interval style gym studio Training Mate in Sydney,  and quickly established himself as a leader in the fitness community.

He has since brought Training Mate to Los Angeles where they now have two locations in West Hollywood, and Studio City, and are soon to add another studio on the West Side. Luke is also a celebrity trainer and lives by the belief that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical, social and mental health. His expertise and overall way of being has led him to become a star trainer on the new TV show hosted by Khloe Kardashian called Revenge Body, which is now in its second season.

Ozzie Osborne

Ozzie Osborne, a former Los Angeles Jewelry Designer, has dedicated the last 7 years to personal development and emotional intelligence training. Studying, practicing, discovering and ultimately finding purpose in her greatest genius, Love & Relationship Coaching. After going through a difficult life altering event in her life, she was determined to redefine herself and her purpose.

She discovered through her pain with the end of her 14 year marriage, there was a gift. What she uncovered was a life long trail of gifts given to her through all the relationships she has encountered. Her vision came clear 4 years ago while on a Love & Relationship Retreat in beautiful Maui. She knew without a doubt that working with people to discover their desired connection was exactly what she was meant to do. Today Ozzie reaches thousands of people daily through social media and events teaching the anatomy of relationships, masculine and feminine energies, effective communication, self discovery, redefining one’s story, speaking your truth.

Her most recent passion project is interviewing men allowing them the space to have conversations about what Masculinity means to them with the intention of giving them a voice to speak their truth. She believes that through speaking their truth, women can gain an understanding of what masculinity really is in today’s world and joining forces with them. Her mission is to create healthy relationships so that the world can find freedom and peace. Ozzie also works one on one with select individuals as well as couples to reach the ultimate relationship.

Luke Storey

Luke Storey, a former Hollywood Celebrity Fashion Stylist, has spent the past twenty-one years developing and refining the ultimate lifestyle, based on the most powerful principles of health and spirituality, while at the same time embracing the technology and modern conveniences of urban living.

Using himself as a human research lab, Luke has explored a broad and sometimes extreme variety of measures to obtain optimal health, performance, and well-being. From surviving being injected with poisonous Amazonian frog venom, to enduring weeks of neurofeedback meditation in an isolation chamber, Luke has scoured the earth for the most cutting edge as well as ancient technologies of healing and personal transformation. 

Luke has tenaciously applied the results of his field research and used them to not only completely transform his own life but also the lives of thousands of fans and followers through his various media channels and speaking engagements. 

As a transformational coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing and happiness to corporate as well as private clients, through his innovative and highly effective lifestyle design coaching systemYoutube channel, and wildly popular podcast, The Life Stylist.

Since 2008, Luke has also served as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the nation's most prominent fashion school for stylists

Sebastian Terry

Another panel member born and raised in Sydney, Sebastian is an author, motivational speaker and now TV host. He first hit media headlines when he created his '100 Things' website and book as a way to tick off his wish list. Run with the bulls? Check. Skydive naked -- Check. Complete a triathlon -- Check. Raise $250,000 for charity -- Check.

How did it all start? In 2009, at the ripe-old age of 27, Sebastian realized that like most people, he has not achieved anything on his long-forgotten list. The death of a close friend combined with a naturally abstract view on life sparks a moment of clarity. In the midst of overseas trip, Sebastian decides to put pen to paper and re-create a list of 100 Things. His goal, to tick off everything. It’s the start of a crazy, no holds barred adventure that sees Sebastian travel to the ends of the earth on a quest to prove that anything is possible, including true fulfillment.

Along the way, Sebastian strives to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality (Item # 4), a great organization creating happiness for children and families affected by cancer.

Terry is currently developing an APP that will match people who have a dream with people who can make it happen.