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Tony Robbins

One of the main characteristics of a YOG, is inspiring people. There are not too many people on this planet, dead or alive, who inspire others to the degree and sheer reach of motivational speaker and best selling author Tony Robbins.

Not only does he coach the average Joe to achieve a successful, fulfilling life, he mentors some of the world’s greatest leaders in their chosen field.

His presence is as large as his physical stature, his interior and exterior awareness is off the charts. His understanding of the human psyche is unworldly. Tony Robbins is not just an intelligent man, he is driven, passionate, and even obsessed with using his gifts to improve the lives of others.

Notable fruits of his labor include his best selling books:

Watching how he commands the stage and energizes a room in his recently released documentary I Am Not Your Guru, is truly majestic. 

His Philanthropic efforts are nothing short of admirable. The Anthony Robbins Foundation is positively  impacting millions of lives worldwide.

At 57, Tony Robbins seems like he is just getting warmed up, and judging by the way he takes care of his emotional and physical health, he might be here for another 57 years. Tony Robbins for President!

Laird Hamilton

Put simply, Laird Hamilton is the result of successfully gene splicing the DNA of Captain America and Aquaman. At 52 years of age, he is still more handsome, fitter, fearless and just downright manlier than 99% of all of us!

Laird is known for his big wave surfing and innovation of various ocean riding crafts and techniques, but is now carving out a successful career for himself as a Health & Fitness guru, teaming up with his Pro Volleyball playing wife Gabby Reece.

He’s an inventor, trailblazer and wonderful role model for his 3 kids, not to mention the millions of us who strive to live a clean and kick ass life. He is also the inspiration for us to bring back the short shorts, so watch this space…

NORTH SHORE, Laird Hamilton, 1987. ©Universal
NORTH SHORE, Laird Hamilton, 1987. ©Universal

Tony Hawk

You may think that riding around on a skateboard all day at age 48 is more childish than Yoggish, but when you’re Tony Hawk, it’s okay because you basically ARE skateboarding.

“The Birdman” is widely considered as one of the most successful and influential pioneers of the sport. He has invented maneuvers, created his own top selling video game starring himself, and even had theme park rides named after him.

As a philanthropist, he launched a foundation which has donated several millions to underprivileged communities to build skate and recreation parks. His philanthropy also includes founding the charity “Athletes For Hope” with a dozen other famous pro athletes which aims to inspire volunteer work in local communities.

He is also one of the coolest dads out there, and can often be seen goofing around and traveling the world with his kids. Thanks for the inspiration Tony, and welcome to the YOG Hall Of Fame!

Russell Brand

A valuable, and one might say necessary YOG quality, is humor. And while there is a plethora of Comedians out there making we YOG bloggers giggle regularly, we consider the more yoggish funnymen to be those who can joke around and also be serious, combining their wit with a passion for educating and taking a stand on important current issues.

Russell Brand is case in point. The outspoken 39 year old Brit can hold his own with any political analyst, chew up any news reporter’s word and spit it back at them, and charm the pants off any woman caught in his far reaching gravitational pull.

Brand is open about his history of drug abuse, and uses it inspire other abusers to abstain,  just as he has done for the last 13 years.

His Youtube Channel called Trews (True News) is a great testament to Brand’s freakish intellect, wit and humanitarianism as he sarcastically exposes the broadcasting of news which is lacking in importance and/or integrity.

Keep up the YOGness Rusty!

David Beckham

Before World Cup soccer fever grinds to a complete halt (some might say it already has), we want to pay tribute to a YOG who is arguably the most world recognized figure both on and off the ‘football’ field. This is probably due to him having played in 3 World Cups for England, married a pop star (she’s actually quite cool), launched his own fragrance, had a movie named after him, earned a bazillion dollars with some of the World’s richest soccer clubs… Need we go on?

Even though the 39 year old didn’t play in this World Cup, his handsome mug still appeared occasionally in various overpriced ad campaigns throughout the tournament’s broadcast.

And yes, the YOGness extends beyond his obvious fame and fortune, being involved with countless charities, setting up several youth academies for future champions and finding the time to raise four of his own future champions.

David Beckham, welcome to the YOG Hall Of Fame.

Hugh Jackman

This YOG’s induction into our Hall Of Fame is long overdue. It seems that the 45 Year Old Australian could’ve been anything he wanted when he grew up, and the Entertainment world is certainly glad he chose the path he did.

He can act, sing, dance, play rugby, does his own stunts etc. etc. ETC. It’s not often you’ll see the star of a Broadway musical with the physique of a G.I. Joe figurine.

Yet the most admirable quality of this Superstar YOG is his humility. He is actively involved in countless charities, a proud father of 2 adopted children and basically seems like the best bloke in the universe.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver MBE is no ordinary celebrity chef. Possessing a somewhat childlike exuberance for food, he has entertained us and tantalized our taste buds through his numerous TV shows and cookbooks for nearly two decades. But it is his crusade against childhood obesity, among other charitable causes which sets this 38 year old father of four apart.

Being able to cook is one thing, but using his culinary talents and a passion for health to influence the Prime Minister of Great Britain to change the unhealthy school dinner menus around the nation…Now that’s just downright Yoggish!

Dave Grohl

His goofy grin is unmistakable, his musical talents…undeniable. The 45 year old Foo Fighters front man is not your average rock star. Despite bashing his drums like a caveman on crack , he is a spokesperson against drugs, advocate for marriage equality , and according to many sources, one of the nicest guys  “in the world”. 


Richard Branson

Family man, Entrepreneur, Thrill seeker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Trailblazer, Knight, and oh yeah, Billionaire. At 63, this business magnate (founder of the Virgin Group) seems to have all the YOG bases covered.

He is rarely seen without a smile on that ginger bearded dial. Most of his publicity stunts alone show that Sir Richard doesn’t take himself too seriously, while also demonstrating appreciation for the female form. Okay, so he may have billions, but he does his best to keep it real and relate to the everyday man, which is one of his most yoggish qualities.


Kelly Slater

Peak physical condition? Check. Hollywood looks? Check. World Champion, Activist, Businessman, Guitarist, Golfer, Nice Guy etc., etc.? Check.

Born Robert Kelly Slater on February 11, 1972, he isn’t just a YOG, he’s a freak of nature. To win 11 World titles in any sport, let alone surfing is a monumental feat, and at 45, he appears far from done…

His dominance in surfing may have brought him global notoriety, but Slater’s talents and passions extend well beyond just riding waves.

He has a number of business ventures which have an underlining commitment to environmental sustainability, such as his clothing label Outerknown. But arguably his greatest achievement in the business realm is the development and recent unveiling of the world’s best man made wave, which of course, is powered entirely by the sun.

Slater is an advocate for clean living, which helps explain his youthful appearance and continued athletic prowess, endorsing products such as Purps health drinks and Chia Pod health snacks.

Given his attributes and positive influence on millions of people of all ages, Kelly Slater is an easy choice for admission into the YOG Hall Of Fame, but we also like him because given the opportunity, you could still sit and have a beer with this humble legend…well…maybe not a beer…