YOG tours – Downunder edition

YOG tours – Downunder edition

It was time for the YOGs to head on another adventure to take in new experiences and of course, touch some more lives. The destination was Australia, and although this is my home country, neither of us have been to the Great Barrier Reef and therefore was added to the itinerary, upholding our commitment to visit as many of the World Wonders as possible.

First stop however was Sydney where we were instantly reminded of just how small the coffees are there compared to the US.

Sydney Mocha

But before we could have any fun, there was a mission at hand to treat the  battered body of one of Australia’s top boxers Anthony Mundine as he prepared for his next fight. It wasn’t anticipated how large Anthony’s entourage is, and that they all required work, so Bruce’s healing hands got to work and proceeded to produce miracle after miracle. He also had an appointment with the Head trainer of Super 15 rugby team the Waratahs, and other fitness professionals and their clients to showcase his magic.

Team Mundine and bruce

Allianz alignments

Later that night, it was back to the old stomping ground with a bunch of YOGs to watch my former rugby team the NSW Waratahs take on the Melbourne Rebels. It was great to see them bring home the bikkies (win), even though the game was a tad boring…

Bored Bruce and Beer

One of the main reasons for the trip was to attend the wedding of my childhood friend Terry, who was marrying a girl I went to Primary (Elementary) School with…that’s the Shire for you (as in Sutherland, not Lord Of The Rings shire, although quite similar in mentality)!

The Hitched

The dress theme was ‘French Riviera’,  and we YOGs love a costume party so naturally we went all out…turns out we were two of only a few people who did!

YOG wedding

It was a beautiful setting, with Sydney Harbor as an iconic backdrop. The only problem was there were plenty of trees…and where there are plenty of trees, there are plenty of birds.

biggles bird shit

Safe to say it was a long enjoyable night, and digging deep was required the next day, which is exactly what did. After consuming 2 miniature mocha lattes, we headed from our hotel in Potts Point to the park in Rushcutter’s Bay for a sweat session. It was a beautiful day, with scenes not unlike that of LA as hoards of personal trainers and Yoga instructors put their clients through their paces in a picture postcard setting.

Rushcutter's Bay workout

Now with tighter skin and slightly lower blood alcohol levels it was time to catch up with my father and his wife at one of Sydney’s 19 million cafes.

Cafe Fiore

2 more miniature mocha lattes later and it was off to Bondi for some much anticipated Nandos and a surf check.

Bondi Surf Check

Shortly after we trudged off to the airport for a quick trip to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef for Skydiving and waterdiving as a pre big 40 birthday celebration for Bruce. Unfortunately, the thing about the tropical northeast of Australia is that the weather is…well…tropical, meaning unpredictable. So Skydiving was called off, and the trip out to the reef was very soggy, both in and out of the water, but was still a treat to sample some of the ‘Wonder’ beneath the rain pelted surface. It was also a treat for me to witness Bruce’s surprise at the large number of Asian tourists that flock to see Australia, which he mistook for locals…

Cairns shenanigans


So once the Barrier Reef was ticked off the list (although I do suspect we will return to do it properly) it was back to Sydney to see the 3 sisters, and by that I mean my mother, her sister, and my sister as opposed the rather underwhelming formation in the Blue Mountains.

The venue this time was yet another page out of LA’s book, an Organic Vegan cafe in my little home suburb of Cronulla, where half the population there don’t even know what the word ‘vegan’ meant (the retired generation mainly).

lunch with the girls

And so ended another whirlwind YOG tour as we hopped back into the big metal bird back to LaLa land after 5 YOG filled days, with Sydney not knowing what hit it. But as I hinted before, be prepared for a YOG tours follow up to the ‘sunburnt country’ at some stage down the track.

Sydney From Above





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