Tell Her

Tell Her

Have you ever met your buddies out for a social drink or two and the vibe just wasn’t happening? The crowd is a little stuffy, the mood is a bit low and you’re running out of things to say to each other (probably because you’ve already hung out most of the day together).

Well it’s up to us YOGs to bring the vibe, and a sure fire way to add some spice to the occasion and fire things up is by starting up a game of ‘Tell her’.

Rules of the game

The first thing that must be established are the participants.  Players are invited to play, and upon a verbal agreement with a handshake that each person will honor the rules and not back out of challenges, it’s game on!

So here’s how the game works…

Let’s say a player makes a comment, positive or negative, about a female who is visually present. If another player hears this, and immediately says “tell her”, then the player who made the comment must go and tell the woman what he said about her…VERBATIM! (obviously re-wording the phrase to direct it at her).

Men Checking out woman at bar

He must open the conversation with those comments.

He must talk loud and clear enough so she hears it.

He can either walk away, or stay and try and avoid being slapped. However, he is not allowed at any stage to mention the game to her  (similar to rules 1 & 2 of Fight Club).

Tell her


There is a way players can avoid having to “tell her”. It’s simple, they have to follow their own comments about a woman by saying “tell her”before anybody else can say it and this makes them immune.

The Pass

Obviously, some comments can be quite nasty and offensive when repeated to the subject they were directed towards.

However, YOGs are not about being cruel to others so the person who called the “tell her”needs to use their discretion on whether it will have overly negative consequences by making the offending player go through with it.

In this case, they can offer a ‘pass’and the offender no longer has to “tell her”.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit of the game is the entertainment value, particularly witnessing that awkward moment as your buddy sheepishly sidles over to a girl and drops the “tell her” bomb.

Men in Bar

Even just the initial moment when you catch your buddy out with a “tell her”on something he says can be a source of crying laughter.

Another benefit is that it forces you to engage with females and start a conversation. You never know where this may lead. It is particularly good practice for your conversation skills, especially if you have to get yourself out of a sticky situation

Finally, “Tell Her”serves as a reminder of how much shit we tend to talk about people. So this game provides consequences for speaking dishonorably (not just negatively but behind her back) toward a woman. Hopefully after playing a game of “Tell her”, you’ll learn that if you can’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it all.


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