It’s the weekend

It’s the weekend

We know what you’re thinking…“It’s not the weekend, it’s Thursday you dicks (that’s a shame…language)”. Conventionally, this may be true, but why should the weekend only consist of two days and two nights?

This TGIF mentality of cramming in two consecutive nights of partying, usually leads to spending those rare and precious free daytime hours recovering in darkness like a vampire.

bigpreview_The Hangover

For us, we like to stretch out the weekend by kicking off on Thursday. Who cares if you’re a little hungover on Friday… suck it up and get paid while you recover.

This is often the best night to socialize anyway, especially in LA, as you tend to avoid the aggressive scene created by the flurry of ‘crammers’ or ‘weekend warriors’.

By all means head out for some post work sundowners on Friday also. See where the night takes you, but don’t compromise your amazing plans to make the most of your Saturday.

Saturday night is normally a relatively quiet one for us. Not only do we avoid the weekend warrior circus, but prepare for a great Sunday Funday involving a morning workout followed by day drinking till sunset. This means we finish the festivities early enough to wind down and get plenty of sleep in preparation for the exciting challenges of the week ahead.

So get used to saying “it’s the weekend” on Thursday, as we share with you our plans and some cool ideas on where to go and what to do in LA and beyond…

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