The YOGblog is the brainchild of two like-minded 35+ year old guys and a dog, committed to living life to the fullest, while influencing others all over the world to do the same.

When Bruce and Marc met around 2 years ago, they were both in a very similar stage of life. Marc, an Australian fairly new to America, needed a place to live. Bruce, an African American (South African with an American passport), needed a room mate. They were conveniently brought together through a social group of beach rugby players and voila – problem solved!

beach boks with shadow

B v M beach touch with shadow

As they learned each others story, a strong bond was inevitable. Both YOGs were reinventing themselves after retiring from successful professional careers. Bruce, actually on his second reinvention, gave up the pro skating world for an IlLUSTRious music career.

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Bruce music collage with shadow

But it was actually a motorcycle accident, resulting in a broken back which led Bruce straight into his new passion of Holistic medicine. Following surgery, Bruce was unable to find a treatment which alleviated his excruciating lower back pain, until he tried Alphabiotics. So inspired was he by this method, that he decided to go back to school and become a qualified Doctor in Alphabiotics and Clinical Nutrition Specialist, and now has two practices in Los Angeles.

Bruce work collage

Marc started his Professional Rugby career while still attending University in his hometown of Sydney, where he played for 5 years before taking contracts to play in France and the U.K. for a further 7 years.

marc rugby collage

If you’re not quite sure what this rugby thing is all about, maybe this short video will help…

This career however ended somewhat prematurely when he suffered a broken neck during a match in France, a defining moment which could have easily left Marc paralyzed and even dead due to its nature.

broken neck with shadow

 With some time on his hands, Marc decided to take some well deserved R & R and ended up falling in love with California during his travels which is where he now lays his hat. After some time out from the sport, he has now reconnected with Rugby as a coach and Personal Trainer, while also exercising his creative talent as a graphic designer and owner of various clothing labels.

Coach Marc with shadowdesigning with shadowThe half YOG in the equation is Rhino, an English Bulldog/Pitbull mix. Rescued from a dumpster in East Los Angeles, he was adopted by Bruce around 2 years ago and has been thriving ever since.Rhino smile crop with shadowAlthough he is technically not of YOG age (28 human years old), he is being ‘groomed’ for YOG greatness and is very excited for his next birthday, when he finally reaches YOG status.USA rhino with shadowJust like his two roomies, Rhino also recently suffered from a near fatal spinal injury. With his hind legs paralyzed the YOG quarters now resembled the rehab wing of a hospital spinal unit.rhino X-ray with shadowFortunately Bruce’s healing hands aren’t just limited to humans. It took some TLC and quite a bit of Acupuncture  on Rhino (which he hates) to nurse him back to health…rhinoneedles with shadowNow he takes nothing for granted and lives life to the fullest…

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The key to a YOGs life is balance. Join Marc and Bruce on their adventures while receiving some great advice on how to have fun and stay happy and healthy for an amazing, extended life…travel collage with shadows