One of the main characteristics of a YOG, is inspiring people. There are not too many people on this planet, dead or alive, who inspire others to the degree and sheer reach of motivational speaker and best selling author Tony Robbins.

Not only does he coach the average Joe to achieve a successful, fulfilling life, he mentors some of the world’s greatest leaders in their chosen field.

His presence is as large as his physical stature, his interior and exterior awareness is off the charts. His understanding of the human psyche is unworldly. Tony Robbins is not just an intelligent man, he is driven, passionate, and even obsessed with using his gifts to improve the lives of others.

Notable fruits of his labor include his best selling books:

Watching how he commands the stage and energizes a room in his recently released documentary I Am Not Your Guru, is truly majestic. 

His Philanthropic efforts are nothing short of admirable. The Anthony Robbins Foundation is positively  impacting millions of lives worldwide.

At 57, Tony Robbins seems like he is just getting warmed up, and judging by the way he takes care of his emotional and physical health, he might be here for another 57 years. Tony Robbins for President!