Tony Hawk

You may think that riding around on a skateboard all day at age 48 is more childish than Yoggish, but when you’re Tony Hawk, it’s okay because you basically ARE skateboarding.

“The Birdman” is widely considered as one of the most successful and influential pioneers of the sport. He has invented maneuvers, created his own top selling video game starring himself, and even had theme park rides named after him.

As a philanthropist, he launched a foundation which has donated several millions to underprivileged communities to build skate and recreation parks. His philanthropy also includes founding the charity “Athletes For Hope” with a dozen other famous pro athletes which aims to inspire volunteer work in local communities.

He is also one of the coolest dads out there, and can often be seen goofing around and traveling the world with his kids. Thanks for the inspiration Tony, and welcome to the YOG Hall Of Fame!