Tell Her

Have you ever met your buddies out for a social drink or two and the vibe just wasn’t happening? The crowd is a little stuffy, the mood is a bit low and you’re running out of things to say to each other (probably because you’ve already hung out most of the day together).

Well it’s up to us YOGs to bring the vibe, and a sure fire way to add some spice to the occasion and fire things up is by starting up a game of ‘Tell her’.

Rules of the game

The first thing that must be established are the participants.  Players are invited to play, and upon a verbal agreement with a handshake that each person will honor the rules and not back out of challenges, it’s game on!

So here’s how the game works…

Let’s say a player makes a comment, positive or negative, about a female who is visually present. If another player hears this, and immediately says “tell her”, then the player who made the comment must go and tell the woman what he said about her…VERBATIM! (obviously re-wording the phrase to direct it at her).

Men Checking out woman at bar

He must open the conversation with those comments.

He must talk loud and clear enough so she hears it.

He can either walk away, or stay and try and avoid being slapped. However, he is not allowed at any stage to mention the game to her  (similar to rules 1 & 2 of Fight Club).

Tell her


There is a way players can avoid having to “tell her”. It’s simple, they have to follow their own comments about a woman by saying “tell her”before anybody else can say it and this makes them immune.

The Pass

Obviously, some comments can be quite nasty and offensive when repeated to the subject they were directed towards.

However, YOGs are not about being cruel to others so the person who called the “tell her”needs to use their discretion on whether it will have overly negative consequences by making the offending player go through with it.

In this case, they can offer a ‘pass’and the offender no longer has to “tell her”.

The Benefits

The obvious benefit of the game is the entertainment value, particularly witnessing that awkward moment as your buddy sheepishly sidles over to a girl and drops the “tell her” bomb.

Men in Bar

Even just the initial moment when you catch your buddy out with a “tell her”on something he says can be a source of crying laughter.

Another benefit is that it forces you to engage with females and start a conversation. You never know where this may lead. It is particularly good practice for your conversation skills, especially if you have to get yourself out of a sticky situation

Finally, “Tell Her”serves as a reminder of how much shit we tend to talk about people. So this game provides consequences for speaking dishonorably (not just negatively but behind her back) toward a woman. Hopefully after playing a game of “Tell her”, you’ll learn that if you can’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t say it all.


Former Rugby Star Turns From Blob to YOG

I had a smile like a split watermelon when I saw my old rugby team mate make a major life changing decision, and shed the weight that basically made him famous.

Matt Dunning try vs Argentina

I played with Matt Dunning at the NSW Waratahs from 2000-2002 (that’s me swimming in the number 13 jersey above) and he was certainly an anomaly. Despite his 125kg (275lbs) robust, yet slightly Mr Stay Puft type frame, he was one of the quickest, most skillful players in the forward pack.

Mr. Stay Puft

Not only was he a great player, but he was an entertainer. Nicknamed “Tucky” after Friar Tuck from Robin Hood, he was more like a cartoon character than a rugby player and he soon became a crowd favorite with his lovable personality and unlikely rugby playing ability. It was as if his body shape defined him and certainly set him apart from the rest, particularly in the eyes of the fans and media.

Matt Dunning wallaby training

Yet since retiring due to a career ending injury, his super-sized physique no longer served him the way it did during his Professional Rugby days. Furthermore, he was no longer carrying the same kind of muscle thanks to the lack of a rigorous daily training schedule in his heyday.

And now at 35, the commencement of his YOG years, he decided enough was enough.  Perhaps the YOG blog inspired him, perhaps not, but I’m sure it secretly did…either way, he found the strength to embark on a personal journey of self improvement and life enhancement. He decided to become the YOG he was destined to be.

Watch the following video and see his amazing transformation for yourself.

I asked Matt for some more information on how he achieved this amazing feat. His diet initially consisted of a combination of low calorie meal replacement drinks, meat and veg, and 4 cleanse days a month.

Matt Dunning diet

Matt admitted that he wasn’t always able to stick to the caloric guidelines, but a big part of his weight loss was the 4 cleanse days, as they “get rid of impurities and toxins from our bodies. We store fat to protect ourselves from these so getting rid of them allows us to shed more fat.”

He still maintains the 4 cleanse days, although he has increased his calorie intake to between 2000 and 2500 per day.

He said one of the hardest thing to do was giving up his beloved Diet Coke for the first 4 months. However when I asked if he gave up the booze he said “mate I drank like a fish for the first 5 months! Haven’t drunk for last 3 months. I’d already lost 36kgs of 41kgs when I gave the booze a break.”

He also said despite wanting to quit coffee, he still drinks it because he “enjoys the social side too much”.

matt dunning skinny

Matt at day 180 

This goes to show that a balance can be achieved between making sacrifices to achieve your weight loss goals, yet still enjoying yourself and the guilty pleasures in life.

Obviously his metamorphosis would not have been possible without exercise. Being an ex-pro athlete meant that Matt could devise himself a program which he knew would work for him and also have the ability to execute with proper form and discipline.

What’s surprising is that he didn’t start his training program until about the halfway mark, which looked something like the following:

dunning training program

So as you can see, this wasn’t a flash in the pan Hollywood quick fix regime, nor was it a socially crippling, soul crushing strictathon. Matt Dunning is essentially still Matt Dunning…just with a new wardrobe and cheekbones.