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Tips on Avoiding Prostate Cancer

If you are man over the age of 30 you need to maintain a healthy prostate. However, these tips are for men and women, as inflammation is at the root of many of our health challenges!

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men, and here are a few staggering statistics released by the American Cancer Society:

  • A quarter of a million new cases are expected this year.
  • About 30,000 men will die from prostate cancer alone this year
  • 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime

This is pretty bleak, but keep reading because a preventive system is vital to escape this terrible disease. I talk about the effects of acidity in the body and once again it is at the forefront in my opinion. Cancer does not grow in an oxygenated/alkaline environment there fore it is absolutely vital to constantly alkalize your system. A common denominator with prostate cancer patients if osteoporosis, which is when the bones break down and calcium gets released into the blood stream which creates arterial calcification and can promote prostate cancer cell growth.

At the 2013 American Society of Clinical Oncology, findings were released about natural compounds for prostate cancer. A 63% reduction in PSA (prostate specific antigen) numbers were shown with granate seed, broccoli, green tea and turmeric alone.

Here are some more foods to incorporate into your diet, not only to prevent cancer but for overall wellness for you too ladies:

Flaxseed – rich in fatty acids.

Boron – Men with the highest boron intake showed a 54% decrease in prostate cancer.

Vitamin D affects over 200 of our genes so it is vital whether naturally from sunlight – According to the New England Journal of Medicine; cancer is the accumulation in genes, which mean they occur over your lifespan. Vitamin affects over 200 of our genes so it is vital whether naturally from sunlight, through food or supplementation. A minimum of 2,000 and as much as 10,000 iu’s per day should be used for prevention.
Curcumin – It is the active ingredient in turmeric and is the top of the list when it comes to fighting inflammation. It also impairs cancer cells’ ability to respond to the negative effects of testosterone.

Coenzyme Q10 – You might know for heart health, but studies have shown it lengthen the survival of prostate cancer patients.

Avocados – their healthy fats and vitamin E are essential.

Lycopene – is a carotenoid found in tomatoes. In a compelling study, healthy men with high lycopene levels showed a 60% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Selenium – Only small amounts of this mineral are needed for its detoxing effects. Low selenium is common in men with an enlarged prostate.

Zinc – Only 15 milligrams daily are needed for prevention.

Milk thistle – a powerful antioxidant.

Saw palmetto – Saw palmetto is promoted for relieving some of the symptoms of BPH, which include difficult and frequent urination. Chemicals in saw palmetto berries called sterols are said to interfere with the ability of hormones such as testosterone to cause prostate cells to grow.

Resveratrol – Found in grapes and of course wine but don’t drink the whole bottle ;). In one study, resveratrol showed an 80% reduction in PSA numbers. It is also known to fight free radicals and inflammation.

Ginger – Another powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer cell proliferator.

Grapeseed extract – Showed a 62% reduction in prostate cancer risk. 100 milligrams daily can be used for prevention.

This article is not meant to heal, treat or cure your cancer. It is about prevention and it is highly recommended to have your PSA numbers checked annually.



Hugh Jackman

This YOG’s induction into our Hall Of Fame is long overdue. It seems that the 45 Year Old Australian could’ve been anything he wanted when he grew up, and the Entertainment world is certainly glad he chose the path he did.

He can act, sing, dance, play rugby, does his own stunts etc. etc. ETC. It’s not often you’ll see the star of a Broadway musical with the physique of a G.I. Joe figurine.

Yet the most admirable quality of this Superstar YOG is his humility. He is actively involved in countless charities, a proud father of 2 adopted children and basically seems like the best bloke in the universe.

YOG’s legs

Have you noticed that the equipment in your gym for training legs is quite often free to use? Meanwhile, the bench presses and dumbbell rack in front of the mirror is like a metal concert mosh pit…

Well YOGs don’t skip legs day.  And there’s no need to dread working on the lower body either. A typical body building routine involves building and ‘sculpting’ the legs using machines and squat racks.

However, in the following short video, I show you how you can work the legs in a more functional way, engaging important core muscles, through power and balance based exercises. This will help all you YOGs dominate your every day work and recreational activities, rather than just trying to look buff in a pair of shorts (which it will).

Including exercises with a Bosu ball will challenge our balance and keep things interesting, which heightens our motivation. The addition of plyometrics works the stretch-shortening cycle and trains us for activities and sports which require speed, power and agility.

Feel free to comment with any questions or need more details about the workout. Enjoy!




Does GOLF = YOG?

With the Golfing world in a frenzy this week  during the US Masters tournament, we examine just how yoggish the sport is.

The Game

For many, golf is just an activity where rich people hit a little ball around a park for 5+ hours. One can be forgiven for thinking that golf is not a YOG sport due its slow-paced nature, and whose participants, even Professionals, aren’t always the most athletic specimens.

John Daly

But when you look at it, golf is a very simple concept with extremely complex elements requiring precision and the constant application of the laws of physics.

golf science

This requirement for precision can be extremely frustrating, particularly for the beginner, and a high level of patience and focus is needed. But it is the challenge of mastering this degree of difficulty which  makes it so Yoggish. It is quite normal that all it takes is one perfect shot out of a hundred shots and you’re hooked.

Rules and Traditions

Golf involves many strict rules which rival that of a catholic private school. The main problem with this is the constant cheating that occurs either through lack of knowledge or blatant disregard for the rules and limited enforcement of these rules, especially with so many trees and golfers going off in their own direction! (unless you’re playing in a professional tournament). This cheating, is obviously not the way of the YOG, neither is being bound by so many restrictions!

Tiger Woods of the United States gestures to a fan to be quiet from the fifth green during first round play at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament in Akron

Their are also traditions and etiquette dating back hundreds of years, particularly in certain golf clubs, including dress codes. There are the non-yoggish types of tradition, such as the inequality between gender, social class and race (although these boundaries are being broken down little by little making golf more accessible).

But there are also some pretty cool traditions built around respect for others. Take the US Masters tournament for example…

– No running is allowed on the course to discourage patrons from hustling to get into better viewing positions, and distracting the players.

– Shouting is not allowed either even after a player has taken his shot as this could distract players.

– There is a tradition that if a spectator sets down their chair and leaves it for extended periods of time, it will not be moved or taken by anybody else, no matter how long it has been there.

masters chairs


Collared shirts, belted pants or ‘plus fours’ and two-tone shoes…Thanks to dress codes imposed by golf clubs, golf fashion for the most part is, NOT yoggish.

The WalrusBut there are increasing efforts to work within and even push the dress code boundaries to make the kind of gear that allows YOGs to wear comfortably while expressing themselves (demonstrated here by future YOG Ricky Fowler).


YOGs are always up for a laugh. One thing the game of golf doesn’t lack is good healthy banter, particularly when things get competitive. I can’t count how many times I’ve hit a putt too softly and heard “Oh, does your husband play golf too?”

Golf even has its own language. There are many words and expressions to describe the elements and results of shots. Some  of my favorites include:

Joe Pesci: A nasty little 5 footer (putt distance)

John Wayne Bobbit: A nasty slice and ended up short.

Moped scooter: A shot that gets you there, but you’re not very proud of it.

Rock Hudson: Looked straight but it wasn’t.


YOG role models

As mentioned earlier,  golf doesn’t necessarily demand superior athleticism as much as skill, focus and nerves of steel. This means there are many top professional players you wouldn’t consider YOGs from a physical aspect. Yet one thing is certain, and that is players are able to compete at the top level well into their YOG years, in some cases their 50s and 60s.

golden bear The ability of these pros to manipulate the flight of a golf ball as if on a string, combined with the mental toughness to maintain focus for each shot, on each hole for 4 – 5 hours, doing this consistently for 4 days straight is nothing short of pure YOGness.

However, there are definitely important physical traits necessary to be the best including flexibility, strength and power, and the new generation of players coming through are changing the physical appearance and typical shape of the pro golfer.

Golfers also make money, lots of money. It is not uncommon to see extremely generous acts of philanthropy and many foundations established by YOG golfers for great causes which are really making a difference.

tiger check

Els for autism

Top 5 YOGs of the 2014 Masters

There are a bunch of players competing in this year’s Masters tournament with more YOG qualities than you could poke a stick at, yet they just fall short of YOG age. With players like defending Champion Adam Scott, Sergio Garcia and Trevor Immelman all becoming of YOG age in the next couple of years, the future is looking bright for the YOGness of golf.

Adam Scott

But if we look at the +35s who are competing this weekend, for us, these are the yoggy cream of the crop:


Yes, even gingers can be YOGs. While the often cigar toting Spaniard may not be the ultimate picture of health, 50 year old Senor Jiminez is a character who always looks like he’s having fun, and seems to lift the spirits of those around him.

Masters Wins: 0          *Odds to win 2014 Masters: 200/1


At 62, ‘Gentle Ben’ is still mixing it with the best. He has a calm demeanor and one of the best putting games on tour. But Ben will probably be most remembered for his marriage to a hot swimsuit model!

Masters Wins: 2 (1984, 1995)        *Odds to win 2014 Masters: N/A – didn’t make cut for round 3


Another YOG who loves a pint and a laugh. That unmistakable Irish smile is a testiment to the 45 year olds outlook on life, despite losing his wife to breast cancer in 2006.

Masters Wins: 0        *Odds to win 2014 Masters: 500/1


At 35, Bubba just scrapes in as a YOG. It’s fitting too that Bubba, once hampered by anger issues, has now overcome them and settled down ready to excel in his YOG years. This doesn’t mean he takes himself too seriously, as demonstrated by this boy band music video he starred made for charity…

Masters Wins: 1 (2012)        *Odds to win 2014 Masters: 3/1


You’ll be hard pressed to find anybody who doesn’t like this YOG, particularly among the female population. If this guy was any more laid back he’d be in a coma. His yoggish persona can be demonstrated by his range of golf shoes which push the boundaries of the traditional.

The 54 year old American seems to always be in the hunt at the Masters, probably aided by the fact he is a crowd favorite year after year.  Heading into round 3 he is well placed for a top ten finish. And even if he doesn’t win the Green Jacket this year, he’ll have won the hearts of the Augusta faithfuls, and will have done us YOGs proud as always.

Masters Wins: 1 (1992)        *Odds to win 2014 Masters: 50/1

*Odds after Round 2 of competition












Brucie’s Big Four Ohhh!!!

It was a much anticipated event. A celebration of Bruce Fulford entering his 5th decade. The stage was set in one of Bruce’s favorite watering holes – The Basement Tavern in Santa Monica. The theme was 1940s. They turned out in droves to revel in the joy, clad in vintage attire, and drinking muscles at the ready…

YOG tours – Downunder edition

It was time for the YOGs to head on another adventure to take in new experiences and of course, touch some more lives. The destination was Australia, and although this is my home country, neither of us have been to the Great Barrier Reef and therefore was added to the itinerary, upholding our commitment to visit as many of the World Wonders as possible.

First stop however was Sydney where we were instantly reminded of just how small the coffees are there compared to the US.

Sydney Mocha

But before we could have any fun, there was a mission at hand to treat the  battered body of one of Australia’s top boxers Anthony Mundine as he prepared for his next fight. It wasn’t anticipated how large Anthony’s entourage is, and that they all required work, so Bruce’s healing hands got to work and proceeded to produce miracle after miracle. He also had an appointment with the Head trainer of Super 15 rugby team the Waratahs, and other fitness professionals and their clients to showcase his magic.

Team Mundine and bruce

Allianz alignments

Later that night, it was back to the old stomping ground with a bunch of YOGs to watch my former rugby team the NSW Waratahs take on the Melbourne Rebels. It was great to see them bring home the bikkies (win), even though the game was a tad boring…

Bored Bruce and Beer

One of the main reasons for the trip was to attend the wedding of my childhood friend Terry, who was marrying a girl I went to Primary (Elementary) School with…that’s the Shire for you (as in Sutherland, not Lord Of The Rings shire, although quite similar in mentality)!

The Hitched

The dress theme was ‘French Riviera’,  and we YOGs love a costume party so naturally we went all out…turns out we were two of only a few people who did!

YOG wedding

It was a beautiful setting, with Sydney Harbor as an iconic backdrop. The only problem was there were plenty of trees…and where there are plenty of trees, there are plenty of birds.

biggles bird shit

Safe to say it was a long enjoyable night, and digging deep was required the next day, which is exactly what did. After consuming 2 miniature mocha lattes, we headed from our hotel in Potts Point to the park in Rushcutter’s Bay for a sweat session. It was a beautiful day, with scenes not unlike that of LA as hoards of personal trainers and Yoga instructors put their clients through their paces in a picture postcard setting.

Rushcutter's Bay workout

Now with tighter skin and slightly lower blood alcohol levels it was time to catch up with my father and his wife at one of Sydney’s 19 million cafes.

Cafe Fiore

2 more miniature mocha lattes later and it was off to Bondi for some much anticipated Nandos and a surf check.

Bondi Surf Check

Shortly after we trudged off to the airport for a quick trip to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef for Skydiving and waterdiving as a pre big 40 birthday celebration for Bruce. Unfortunately, the thing about the tropical northeast of Australia is that the weather is…well…tropical, meaning unpredictable. So Skydiving was called off, and the trip out to the reef was very soggy, both in and out of the water, but was still a treat to sample some of the ‘Wonder’ beneath the rain pelted surface. It was also a treat for me to witness Bruce’s surprise at the large number of Asian tourists that flock to see Australia, which he mistook for locals…

Cairns shenanigans


So once the Barrier Reef was ticked off the list (although I do suspect we will return to do it properly) it was back to Sydney to see the 3 sisters, and by that I mean my mother, her sister, and my sister as opposed the rather underwhelming formation in the Blue Mountains.

The venue this time was yet another page out of LA’s book, an Organic Vegan cafe in my little home suburb of Cronulla, where half the population there don’t even know what the word ‘vegan’ meant (the retired generation mainly).

lunch with the girls

And so ended another whirlwind YOG tour as we hopped back into the big metal bird back to LaLa land after 5 YOG filled days, with Sydney not knowing what hit it. But as I hinted before, be prepared for a YOG tours follow up to the ‘sunburnt country’ at some stage down the track.

Sydney From Above





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