If I Were A Guy, I’d Get So Many Chicks

If I Were A Guy, I’d Get So Many Chicks

As I read through the many blogs and articles out there on dating, sex and relationships written by women, a pattern emerges which can be summed up by 3 letters – Y, O and G.

Lauren Martin, an insightful and humorous writer for Elite Daily often refers to the desirable qualities possessed by YOGs as being the preferred choice of (worthwhile) women.

Click HERE to read one of her more helpful articles for we who constantly seek the truth about What Women Want.


The 2 Minute Rule

The 2 Minute Rule

YOGs take care of their shit. They get shit done. If procrastination is one of your worst habits and small tasks tend to pile up to become bigger chores, try applying the ‘2 minute rule’ to your daily routine. Basically, if something can be done within 2 minutes, do it now. Trust me, you won’t be affected by that time spent. But you will be affected later when the task piles up to become more than a 2 minute job…much more!

This is a great way to beat the habit of putting the dishes straight in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink for later, or putting those clothes away rather than letting them pile up on the floor for example. You get the idea…

Richard Branson

Family man, Entrepreneur, Thrill seeker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Trailblazer, Knight, and oh yeah, Billionaire. At 63, this business magnate (founder of the Virgin Group) seems to have all the YOG bases covered.

He is rarely seen without a smile on that ginger bearded dial. Most of his publicity stunts alone show that Sir Richard doesn’t take himself too seriously, while also demonstrating appreciation for the female form. Okay, so he may have billions, but he does his best to keep it real and relate to the everyday man, which is one of his most yoggish qualities.


South African YOG wins Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest

In the chilly Northern Californian waters near Half Moon Bay, 40 year old Durban born YOG Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker claimed the title of Mavericks Invitational Champion of 2013/2014.

Mavericks coastline

With a waiting period of 5 months, contest organizers are very selective about the ideal weather and surf conditions to stage the one day event (there was no contest in 2011 or 2012 for this reason). So when they decided today was the ‘big’ day, thousands of spectators turned out and were not disappointed as they witnessed an epic display of Man vs Nature.


24 of the World’s best big wave surfers battled it out in the 30 – 40 waves, with the field being whittled down to a 6-man final. But it was virtually a two YOG race between Baker and 41 year old Hawaiian stalwart Shane Dorian for the crown.

Grant 'Twiggy' Baker

Baker’s first two high scoring waves of 9 and 10 respectively proved too much to beat, securing his second Mavericks Invitational victory since 2006.

For more details and full contest coverage click HERE.




Why You Need To Give and Receive a Hug Immediately!

So apparently it’s National Hug Day here in the US, and boy is it needed here with tension levels rising as people return to work after the holidays, or as for many parts of America, because it’s just so damn cold!

But hugs should be a prominent feature of our daily routine. Research shows that hugging, just like laughter, is extremely effective for healing sickness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, disease and stress.

A deep front on heart to heart hug can benefit you in the following ways:*

1. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels which decreases feelings of anger, loneliness and isolation.

2. A nice long hug can boost serotonin levels which elevates moods creating happiness.

3. Hugs can build trust and a feeling of safety which can lead to honest and open communication.

4. Gentle pressure of the sternum during a hug activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, stimulating the thymus gland which regulates and balances white cell production, hence boosting our immune system.

5. Hugs can relax muscles and relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to soft tissues.

6. Hugs balance out the nervous system. There is a galvanic skin response when giving and receiving a hug which shows a change in skin conductance, affecting moisture and electricity in the skin.  This basically shows a more balanced state in the nervous system.

7. Hugging boosts self-esteem. There is a somatic connection to our hug-filled childhood years, when we felt most loved by our parents and family. This triggers our ability to self love.

8. Similar to meditation and laughter, hugs teach us to let go and be present in the moment. This connects us to our heart, feelings and breathing.

9. Hugs teach us to give and receive. There is an equal value between  being receptive to warmth and giving or sharing that warmth.

10. Hugging creates synergy between people, meaning the whole equals more than the sum of it’s parts leading to more win win situations. Group hug everyone!!!

Rugger Hug





* adapted from 10 Reasons Why We Need at Least 8 Hugs a Day by Marcus Julian Felicetti

How Stress Causes Weight Gain

The National Center for Disease Control recently provided data that shows two out of three Americans are overweight or obese, making people of ideal body weight the minority. Consider at the same time, the weight loss and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar machine. There is no way the third that are of ideal body weight are buying all of the weight loss “remedies”, and fitness gear. People want to lose weight, and most are legitimately trying but there appears to be a dimension to the problem holding them back.

Since the 1950’s, health experts have been saying the solution to our obesity is simple: ‘Eat less and exercise more.’ This is obviously not working and something is clearly missing! Here is the missing link: Stress causes weight gain. It’s true and I’ll show why it makes perfect sense.

When we get locked into a stressed state we are constantly producing the hormone ‘Cortisol’ (also known as the ‘death hormone.’) Cortisol production leads to increased appetite and increased belly fat, since our body’s natural mechanism to fight stress is to begin storing reserves for what thousands of years ago might have been a very long winter, a scarcity of food or some other stressful state our ancestors would have encountered. Fat cells even have an enzyme called HSD that increases Cortisol levels within the cell as a way to encourage more fat storage, so you can see how the problem begins compound very quickly.

Hundreds of millions of people have tried the ‘eat right’ and ‘exercise’ routine. I agree that these two approaches are vital to the overall picture of health, but the key to true health and an optimal weight is living a drastically less stressed life. Stress management is the one weight loss strategy that society hasn’t addressed when evaluating weight gain. It is so dangerous to live in a constantly stressed state because it begins a downward spiral of chain reactions that compound over time. Look at the list below to see if you can relate to any of these symptoms:

Elevated Cortisol levels, caused by constant stress, leave you with the following conditions:

  • Increased appetite and cravings
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Decreased bone density
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased depression
  • Mood swings
  • Reduced libido (sex drive)
  • An impaired immune response
  • Memory and learning impairment
  • Increased symptoms of PMS (which also leads to an increased appetite)
  • Increased menopausal side effects (hot flashes, night sweats)

Of course, the scary part is that not only will stress and increased Cortisol levels cause weight gain, when you’re stressed you are more likely to suffer a heart attack, become depressed, or even catch the flu more often. What a dismal picture!

Obese man with measuring tape

So what is the answer? I present to you Alphabiotics.   What the ultra-safe process of the Alphabiotic alignment does, is instantly balance the brain, causing the muscular and nervous system to drop tension, which in turn balances your body. This release of this stress in the brain and body, ripples down to even the cellular level, causing your brain, and vital organs to receive a mass of previously misdirected blood and oxygen.

The need for Cortisol production is removed, and as a result, your mind feels lighter and your body instantly feels a greater wellness. This is an optimal state for weight loss.   Even when it comes to your fitness regimen, the Alphabiotic alignment removes tension, and you’ll instantly feel greater and more balanced strength and energy.

Almost everyone is walking around with one side of the body weaker than the other, which often opens you up to injury. Whether you’re doing cardio, weights or running, exercising in an imbalanced state, can create a massive load on one side of your body.   A strong, balanced, oxygenated body however, is a healthy body that repairs quickly after your workouts. Waste energy trying to get blood and oxygen to imbalanced limbs is removed, which even improves thought clarity.

Relaxed Man

It is my professional opinion that Alphabiotics will drastically reduce stress, causing a profound effect on your health and when you incorporate exercise and sound nutrition, your weight loss goals will be readily achieved.





It’s the weekend

We know what you’re thinking…“It’s not the weekend, it’s Thursday you dicks (that’s a shame…language)”. Conventionally, this may be true, but why should the weekend only consist of two days and two nights?

This TGIF mentality of cramming in two consecutive nights of partying, usually leads to spending those rare and precious free daytime hours recovering in darkness like a vampire.

bigpreview_The Hangover

For us, we like to stretch out the weekend by kicking off on Thursday. Who cares if you’re a little hungover on Friday… suck it up and get paid while you recover.

This is often the best night to socialize anyway, especially in LA, as you tend to avoid the aggressive scene created by the flurry of ‘crammers’ or ‘weekend warriors’.

By all means head out for some post work sundowners on Friday also. See where the night takes you, but don’t compromise your amazing plans to make the most of your Saturday.

Saturday night is normally a relatively quiet one for us. Not only do we avoid the weekend warrior circus, but prepare for a great Sunday Funday involving a morning workout followed by day drinking till sunset. This means we finish the festivities early enough to wind down and get plenty of sleep in preparation for the exciting challenges of the week ahead.

So get used to saying “it’s the weekend” on Thursday, as we share with you our plans and some cool ideas on where to go and what to do in LA and beyond…

Martin Luther King Jnr (Jan 15, 1929 – April 4 1968)

When Dr Martin Luther King Jnr was assassinated, he was barely into his YOGhood years (aged 39). But by then, he had already achieved so much, most notably his role in the advancement of African American civil rights through non-violent activism which lead to him becoming the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On this day, the anniversary of his birth, we salute MLK for the legacy he has left and for being a shining example of the humanitarian side of the word YOG.

In his honor, go to question 8 of our YQ test and ask yourself, “What would MLK do?”